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The Fino Collection from Bobrick: Elegance Meets Function

Here at Partition Plus, we are excited to be one of the first companies to introduce Bobrick’s new Fino Collection. We know this collection is going to be a great choice for many bathrooms out there so we wanted to share a little bit about it.

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Hadrian Elite Plus “in Real Life”

Even though Hadrian’s Elite Plus toilet partitions are no longer king when it comes to privacy (Hadrian’s newly introduced Elite Max stalls have stolen the crown), they remain an excellent solution for restrooms requiring intermediate privacy. If your facility could benefit from stalls providing greater separation, but you aren’t quite ready to make the jump to individual cubicles, consider Elite Plus.

Recently, a customer sent us photographs of their Elite Plus stalls taken during installation. These images give an excellent sense of what the Elite Plus system looks like “in real life.” We’ve included them in the body of this post. Continue reading to take a look.

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An Exciting Concept(a)

We’ve recently expanded the Hawa sliding door hardware section of our website. Previously, visitors could learn about the most popular Hawa systems by reading technical information, browsing image galleries, and downloading PDF documents. Unfortunately, only the Junior series was available for purchase directly through our site. For customers to purchase other Hawa products – including the Concepta, Folding Concepta, Super series, and any accessories – a phone call or email was required. While we enjoy providing personal assistance with Hawa orders, we understand calls and emails are inconvenient for some customers.

With these new additions, shoppers can jump online, visit, and quickly place an order for any of the following items: Hawa Concepta 25, Hawa Concepta 30, Hawa Concepta 40, Hawa Concepta 50, Hawa Folding Concepta 25, Concepta Door Pocket Kit, Concepta Back-to-Back Doors Pocket Kit, Concepta Folding Strengthening Profile, and Concepta Folding Bottom Profile.

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Aria, from Scranton Products, for Unisex Bathrooms

Scranton Products Aria series of full height toilet cubicles are an ideal solution for unisex bathrooms. Aria partitions provide extreme privacy, as well as design advantages and unique features not found in standard toilet stalls. The focus on privacy is what makes Aria perfect for bathrooms designed to be shared by persons of all genders. Read on for more information about Aria partitions and how well they work in gender-neutral bathrooms.

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High Privacy Partitions: Two Sides of the Story

There is a predominant trend towards higher privacy toilet partitions. This trend is nothing new. For many years, end users complained about big gaps between doors and pilasters, as well as the height of panels off the floor. Slowly, builders and facility operators began purchasing bathroom stalls with no-sightline hardware and higher panels and doors (that reduce the potential for seeing above and below toilet stalls). An overseas privacy focus led to the emergence of a “European style” partition that is synonymous with increased privacy. Now matters have reached critical mass, and there is an expectation for heightened privacy of some sort on every partition project. But, there are two sides to this story. As with any choice, there are some (small) negatives associated with high privacy toilet partitions.

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Defining Hawa Hardware

We’ve stayed busy adding products to our Hawa Sliding Door Hardware section and Hawa content to the blog. In last week’s update, we discussed buying the proper Hawa hardware given the weight of your door. The main takeaway: don’t buy a higher capacity system than you need. If a Junior 40 will work, purchase that, not a Junior 80.

After writing that post, we realized not everyone is familiar with Hawa’s product naming scheme. Understanding Hawa names, numbers, and abbreviations makes shopping much easier. Also, understanding this “Hawa-ese” makes life easier if you call or email us with questions …which we always encourage!. To get started, let’s break down the name of a popular product: the Hawa Junior 40/Z.

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The “Goldilocks Principle” and Hawa Sliding Door Hardware

For the best experience with Hawa sliding door hardware, avoid purchasing hardware systems designed for door panels that are heavier or larger than yours.

What does this have to do with Goldilocks? That requires some explanation. When purchasing either consumer or commercial hardware, shoppers are accustomed to seeing both “heavy duty” and “standard” versions of products offered side by side. Typically, the “professional” or “heavy duty” variation is slightly more expensive and has better specifications. Given the choice, most people will select the overbuilt product, rather than the traditional alternative. Usually, upgrading isn’t a bad choice, but you may want to second guess this approach when shopping for Hawa sliding door hardware.

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Partition Plus Now Offers Hawa Sliding Door Hardware

Hawa is known around the globe for designing the finest sliding door hardware available. Smooth and quiet operation are hallmarks of the Hawa brand. Ingenious engineering and characteristic Swiss manufacturing make this possible.

At Partition Plus, we know sliding doors backwards and forwards …and side-to-side. We’re eager to discuss your project and help you select the correct hardware.

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