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Bobrick’s B-540 Serves Two Roles (or is that “Rolls?”)

OK… we admit it, this post’s title is excessively corny. Can you blame us, though? At Partition Plus, our specialty is providing customers with toilet partitions and washroom accessories that suit the demands and budgets of their projects. We have bathroom stalls and accessories on our minds all day long. So when something innovative, like the B-540, comes along, it gets our attention and leaves us a bit giddy… What? You don’t get giddy thinking about TP dispensers?

What’s so special about the B-540 surface-mounted toilet tissue dispenser? The answer is simple: this well-designed product shows that Bobrick is paying attention. Bobrick has long held a reputation for high-quality, high-value bathroom accessories. You’ll find their products installed in hundreds of thousands of restrooms throughout North America and the world. These accessories and partitions see millions of uses throughout each year. Bobrick’s success in the market puts them in a position where they can innovate – and they’ve done it with the new B-540. It offers plenty of benefits as a toilet tissue dispenser, but it also acts as a darn handy small utility shelf. It might not sound Earthshattering to some people, but it indicates that Bobrick is responding to the changing needs of the public.

Please continue reading for more of our thoughts on Bobrick’s B-540 surface-mounted toilet tissue dispenser and utility shelf.

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With Bobrick, Soap Dispensing is Automagic!

With Bobrick, Soap Dispensing is Automagic!Automatic soap dispensers help patrons avoid contact with potentially contaminated bathroom surfaces. With growing concern about bathroom articles, such as hand dryers, harboring and spreading germs, restroom users are beginning to expect the touch-free operation of commodes, urinals, faucets, hand dryers, and automatic dispensing of soap, paper towels, and other consumables.

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Let’s Learn Locker Lingo, Lesson II

First, we discussed basic terms associated with purchasing lockers. Those terms help us understand how individual storage compartments constitute tiers, that are part of frames, that are part of banks. TL;DR: “Lockers” are individual, lockable compartments with doors. Tiers describe the number of compartments stacked vertically within a frame. Frames are joined side-by-side to make up banks. And banks are typically assembled before being brought to the installation site and put in place. Locker Installations typically require multiple banks.

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Let’s Learn Locker Lingo

Whether it was 30 years ago in school, or earlier this week at the gym, almost everyone has used a commercial locker. You know the basic parts: the combination lock, the lift-to-open lever, the swinging door, and the hooks inside. But that is where your knowledge ends. And that is more than sufficient… for most locker users.

However, if you’re shopping for storage lockers for your organization or business (which may very well be the case, if you are reading this), knowing a bit more than the basics will be helpful. Lockers for students, athletes, employees, or business patrons share similar parts and designs. Keep reading for an explanation of those locker details, from the locker experts at Partition Plus.

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Don’t Let Locker Assembly Knock You Down

Partition Plus sells a variety of lockers. You have your choice of size, design, material, and other options. One of the options (for metal lockers) is to purchase them “knocked down”, rather than assembled. KD lockers, as they are sometimes known, arrive as kits that must be bolted together during installation. Read on for more about KD lockers.

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Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

“What options do I have for hand drying after I have washed my hands, and which is the best/most sanitary? Which method is the most efficient, and which is the fastest method? Are there certain tools that would make my experience better?”

It almost seems like a rudimentary question, given that it seems like there is not exactly a whole lot that can be done with regard to drying your hands.

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Duralife Lockers: 1-2-3 Challenge

One of the manufacturers that Partition Plus commonly works with, Scranton Products, has always been prevalent in rightfully displaying the strength of the materials used in their partitions and lockers. For anyone unaware, they utilize solidly constructed HDPE (high-density polyethylene) in the design of their products, and they do so in a way that provides an unrivaled durability. They had already put out a video showcasing the ability of their Resistall Plastic products, very clearly showing that their material was superior with regards to impact resistance. Instead of stopping there, Scranton Products has put their money where their mouths are with their “1-2-3 Challenge.”

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