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Beyond the Bathroom – Creative Ways to Divide Your Space

Here at Partition Plus, we specialize in dividing bathrooms in a way that looks good and protects privacy. But what about whenever you need to divide a different room in a commercial or residential space? Well, not only can you still use partitions, but there are many different creative ways to divide a room without the permanence of a wall.

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It’s Not Just for Partitions: Vanities in HDPE Solid Plastic

Anyone who’s spent time browsing our site has likely read about the virtues of HDPE toilet partitions. HDPE, also called “solid plastic,” refers to bathroom stalls made with extruded, one-inch-thick high-density polyethylene. Partitions constructed from this material (along with the included hardware) are impervious to moisture, making them very tough and easy-to-clean.

Occasionally, we speak with customers who aren’t aware that we also sell public restroom vanity tops in coordinating solid plastic. Partition Plus offers HDPE vanity tops designed to coordinate with toilet partitions made from the same material. Solid plastic vanity tops offer all the same benefits of HDPE stalls: total moisture resistance, hassle-free maintenance, and high durability. Plus, these vanities perfectly coordinate with stalls made from the same material. Read on to see images from a recent Partition Plus project where we installed solid plastic toilet partitions and vanity tops for a local business.

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In Defense of Livable Public Restrooms

Given the purpose of our website – to inform shoppers about Partition Plus and the toilet partition products we sell – this blog rarely features topical content. No doubt, being timely and relevant is great. But there is very little breaking news in the Division 10 and bathroom stall industries. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to comment on this, though.

Earlier this week, Wired magazine’s UK website published an article about a new toilet intentionally designed to be uncomfortable to sit on. StandardToilet, the commode’s creator, hopes businesses will install the fixture to curb extended toileting time (presumably stemming from mobile device usage). Please take a minute to check out “The corporate poo patrol is coming after your precious toilet time” and read on for our reaction.

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Name Game: Powder Coated, Baked Enamel, and Painted Steel

If you’re shopping for toilet partitions, you’ve likely read or heard the about “powder-coating,” “baked enamel,” and “painted steel.” For people outside the bathroom stall and building material industries, these terms often are unfamiliar. Furthermore, their usage is sometimes inconsistent across different manufacturers and retailers. And worst of all, having a slip of the tongue and accidentally misusing these bits of jargon is very easy.

We strive to make the toilet partition buying process straightforward and enjoyable. With that goal in mind, we’ve assembled this post for anyone confused by “powder-coating,” “baked enamel,” and “painted steel.” Continue reading for more information about these closely related phrases, and the meaningful distinctions between them.

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Toilet Partitions for Churches

Places of worship have unique needs when it comes to bathroom stalls and washroom accessories. Churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other religious facilities all need toilet partitions for their public bathrooms – like any other high-capacity, shared space. However, for many individuals, churches are distinctive facilities that are unlike any other building they regularly visit.

Because there are many different styles of religion, there are many forms of religious facilities. Some churches are small, while others are large. Religious structures can be austere, lavish, or anywhere in between. Both formal and informal houses of worship are popular with large portions of the United States population. Regardless of the details, the fact is that many faiths – established rites and new observances alike – require gathering space. Whatever the size, form, aesthetics, and ambiance of these physical locations, they will likely need public bathrooms. This requirement, of course, necessitates toilet partitions. As a leading online source for bathroom stalls, Partition Plus is glad to supply – and, in some cases, install – a partition system in any place of worship.

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Take a Look at “Midnight”

Scranton Products is offering a new option for toilet partitions and lockers: Midnight. Scranton remarks that the color is “a bold new hue for your design palette,” describing the shade as “not quite black, not quite blue.”

To our eyes, here at Partition Plus, Midnight is an exciting take on dark navy. The most popular colors of HDPE are beiges, grays, and off-white shades. But there is no reason why the solid plastic toilet partition palette shouldn’t expand into a more colorful territory.

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Decorating a Public Bathroom

Consider redecorating your commercial bathroom at the same time as your toilet partition installation. It is an excellent opportunity to start fresh. Be careful, however. Giving a public restroom a new look is a more challenging task than renovating other shared spaces. Before diving into your project, review the following helpful hints.

A toilet partition installation project is the perfect time to reevaluate your bathroom decor. Because you will need to remove your old partitions and accessories before the installation of the new material, applying new wall treatments is much easier. Depending on the changes you are making, a fresh coat of paint may be needed. Your new toilet partitions will not necessarily connect to the wall in all the same locations or cover the same areas of your walls. If you’ve painted since installing your toilet partitions, you will almost certainly have some mismatched spots.

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Looking for Wooden Stalls? Consider Phenolic or Laminate

Plastic laminate and phenolic stalls are a great alternative to expensive wood partitions. Laminate and phenolic are available in a range of imitation wood patterns. It is possible to stain wood in pine, oak, or walnut tones with relative ease. But achieving ebony, bamboo, or ash colorations could require significant amounts of time and money. Where laminate and phenolic are concerned, exotic wood finishes are typically no more expensive than standard colors.

An image showing several wood grain examples.

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Stacking Solid Plastic for Privacy

Previously on the blog, we discussed how Partition Plus can offer quick-shipping bathroom stalls in custom sizes. Beyond accommodating unique dimensions, we supply specialized bathroom partitions. For example, we can tailor high privacy (extended height) toilet partitions for your space. Once again, we take standardized materials and apply careful planning and a dash of ingenuity to meet our customers’ design goals.

In the case of extended height, solid plastic bathroom stalls, we work with a particular manufacturer that uses a special assembly process involving “stacked panels” to achieve the desired effect. All the best things are stacked: pancakes, money, sandwiches, and solid plastic bathroom stall panels from Partition Plus!

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Custom Toilet Partitions

If you read through this site, you’ll notice that when we explain our partition products we frequently mention how we can deliver bathroom stalls tailored to fit any restroom space – or some version of that statement. You may be wondering how we can make such a bold claim with complete confidence. We thought it was high time to elaborate. Continue reading for the details.

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