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Color Charts

Powder Coated Steel (Hadrian)

Powder Coated Steel: Color Chart

Solid Plastic (ScrantonProducts)

Solid Plastic: Color Chart

High Pressure Laminate (Bobrick)

High Pressure Laminate/Plastic Laminate Color Chart

Solid Plastic (Hadrian)

Solid Plastic: Color Chart (Hadrian)

Designer Textures (ScrantonProducts)

Solid Plastic: Color Chart

Phenolic Core (Bobrick)

Solid Phenolic: Color Chart

Stainless Steel (Hadrian)

Stainless Steel: Finishes

Resistall Plastic (ScrantonProducts)

Resistall Plastic: Color Chart

Sierra Series (Bobrick)

Bobrick Sierra Series: Color Chart

Found the right color? Now find the right material for your Bathroom Partitions

Powder Coated Steel: Color Chart Hadrian: Powder Coated Steel

Hadrian's powder coated steel toilet partitions are manufactured in 22 different colors, within three classifications:

  • Solid Colors
  • Anti-Graffiti Colors
  • Special Effects Colors

Five in-stock solid colors are available for two to three business day quick ship: 504 Linen, 510 Black, 535 Light Grey, 585 Sahara, and 603 Almond.

Solid Plastic: Color Chart (Hadrian) Hadrian: Solid Plastic

Hadrian's solid plastic bathroom partitions are manufactured in 14 different colors. All colors are ASTM E84 CLASS B fire-rated/certified.

Six in-stock colors are available for five day quick-ship: 211 Black, 223 Linen, 225 Mocha, 231 Slate, 238 Almond, and 239 Grey.

High Pressure Laminate/Plastic Laminate Color Chart Bobrick: High Pressure Laminate

Bobrick's high pressure laminate bathroom partitions have an enormous choice of colors — exceeding well over 400 colors. Orders of up to 15 compartments have a lead time of 2-3 business days on 35 different standard colors.

Bobrick's 400 colors are spread over four collections:

  • Wilsonart®
  • Formica®
  • Nevamar®
  • Pionite®

Solid Phenolic: Color Chart Bobrick: Solid Phenolic

Bobrick's solid phenolic restroom partitions carry a similar color collection to high pressure laminate — covering well over 400 colors. Orders of up to 25 compartments have a lead time of 10 business days.

Compact Laminate's colors are spread over multiple color collections:

  • Arborite®
  • Wilsonart®
  • Formica®

Stainless Steel: Finishes Hadrian: Stainless Steel

Stainless steel restroom partitions do not differentiate in color. Instead, there are customizable finishes that can be applied. These are typically done to either boost the aesthetics of the bathroom stall, or give them a higher resistance to damages.

The finishes are as follows:

  • Type 304, #4 brushed finish: — default finish; offers resistance to corrosion due to chromium finish
  • Embossed finish: — textured finish; enhances ability to resist aesthetic damages
  • Hybrid finish: — embossed finish on interior; type 304 #4 brushed finish on exterior