How to Install Toilet Partitions

How to Install Toilet Partitions

Learn how to install your toilet partitions from the experts at Partition Plus

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Getting ready to install your bathroom partitions but not sure where to start? The Partition Experts at Partition Plus have your back. We’ve provided a video and a step by step guide to explain how to install your bathroom stalls. Need more specifics? Click on your brand name to find the manufacturer’s guide on how to install a variety of Bobrick, Scranton, Bradley, ASI, and Hadrian toilet partitions.

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Before You Install

  • Store your toilet partition pieces indoors in a clean dry area
  • Check all your pieces and hardware immediately when you recieve your bathroom partitions. By taking note of any missing or damaged pieces you can contact your supplier and have the pieces quickly replaced.
  • Always store your toilet partitions flat, stacking them upright can cause the partition material to warp
  • Ensure you have the correct safety supplies. We recommend having another person with you while installing bathroom partitions for safety.
  • Look to see if your floor has any uneveness, you will want to take it into account when installing the partitions to make sure all pieces are level.
  • Check and double check your measurements before drilling holes and installing pieces. If you have any confusion feel free to call the Partition Experts at Partition Plus.

Learn the Parts


Panels are the pieces that separate the different stalls. They come in various sizes depending on stall depth and privacy level.


Pilasters are the pillars on either side of the doors that anchor to either the ceiling or the floor (sometimes both) and support the door.


Partition doors are just like any other doors, they allow access to the stall. They typically swing inward unless they are for wheelchair accessible stalls.


Hardware for partitions includes screws, bolts, anchors, brackets and sometimes other pieces. They should all be included in a box sent by the manufacturer.

Installation Options

Ordering bathroom partitions is a unique experience and one that many businesses and establishments only do once in a period of several years. This unfamiliarity combined with the size and weight of the materials can make installation confusing. Many people are also worried about how much it costs to install toilet partitions. There are two main options when it comes to installing toilet partitions and both can be very cost-effective.

Option 1 – Professional

Partition Plus offers professional installation services in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and the surrounding region. This is a great option if you have little DIY or construction experience.

Installers are efficient and have experience that helps ensure that nothing goes wrong. If you’re interested in our installation services give us a call.

Option 2 – Do It Yourself

People with some DIY experience and enough strength to position the materials can easily install their own partitions. Simply gather the tools you need and you can get started.

Installing partitions yourself can be a great way to save money. We’ve provided this guide to make it easier than ever.

Basic Instructions

We have provided this set of basic instructions for installing toilet partitions. These instructions are meant to simplify and to help explain how to install partitions, however the numbers of brackets, width of materials, and other features may change depending on your brand and material. Make sure you also find your brand and material specific instructions above so you can use the set that is right for you.


Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 1

Establish the front centerline by taking the overall compartment dimensions and deducting half the thickness of the pilaster. This is where your front brackets will be placed.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 2

Drill holes and install floor brackets in proper locations on the centerline as indicated by your layout drawings

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 3

Determine positions for other panels based on layout drawings. Mark with chalk or pencil.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 4

Using your panel locations fasten the two-ear panel brackets to the wall (# and measurements will vary according to brand/material). Corner stalls will have single ear brackets

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 5

Rest panel on a 12” block and position in the brackets. Drill a hole through the top bracket and fasten. Keep the panel on the block until the pilaster is installed.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 6

In preparation for placing the wall pilaster, fasten single ear pilaster “F” brackets to the wall. # of brackets and height off the floor will vary according to brand/material.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 7

Slide the shoe onto the wall pilaster. Position the wall pilaster in the wall brackets and over floor brackets. Install the levelling device (1). Install the floor bracket hardware and tighten (2). Plumb pilaster and fasten to the pilaster wall brackets.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 8

Prepare the pilaster for the door and fasten the lower hinge to the wall pilaster.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 9

Install the male cam to lower hinge.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 10

Fasten the upper hinge to the wall pilaster.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 11

Place the next pilaster on floor brackets and mark the centerline of the panel on the back. Mark bracket centers according to layout drawing dimensions. Use “U” brackets at templates and drill holes. Remove the pilaster from floor brackets and fasten “U” brackets.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 12

Repeat step 7 with the “U” bracket pilaster. Ensure the pilaster is positioned so the alcove channel grasps panel.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 13

Plumb panel and pilaster. Secure panel to the pilaster “U” brackets.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 14

Prepare the door for hanging. Insert female cam into the bottom-door hinge casting. Install inner and outer knobs on the door. Install the door pulls for outswing and accessible doors only. Fasten coat hook and bumper onto door.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 15

Hang the door, lower it onto the male cam of the lower hinge. Install the threaded upper hinge pin. To set the door at the required angle, loosen the nut of the male cam assembly. Fasten the stop and keeper on the pilaster ensuring it lines up with the door latch. Reverse them for inswing doors.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 16

Erect the remaining components ensuring all pilasters are fastened to floor brackets. Repeat steps 4-10 as necessary. It’s recommended that you only install one compartment at a time.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 17

Fasten headrail brackets to the wall. Measurement above the floor may vary depending on brand/material.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 18

Place the headrail into tops of pilasters and slide into headrail brackets. Two or more pieces may be required due to the width of the configuration. Fasten the headrail to the brackets, install the end cap if required. Adjust leveling devices to level all compartment components.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 19

Fasten headrail to the pilasters using the appropriate amount of screws given your material and pilaster size.

Diagram of Toilet Partition Installation Step 20

Drill all remaining panel and pilaster holes and fasten the brackets