ADA Shower Seats

Shower seats are important additions to public and private bathrooms serving the elderly and users with limited motion and maneuverability. In most locales, building codes require ADA compliant shower seats for public bathrooms with showers. Partition Plus offers shower and tub seats from Bobrick. Bobrick manufactures wall mounted shower seats in several sizes and with different seat materials. Units tailored to residential installation and bariatric users are also offered.

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  • Bobrick B-5181 reversible solid phenolic folding shower seat against white.

    Bobrick Reversible Solid Phenolic B-5181 Folding Shower Seat

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  • Bradley 9569 Shower Seat

    Bradley 9569 Reversible Shower Seat

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  • Bobrick B-5191 compact solid phenolic folding shower seat against white.

    Bobrick Solid Phenolic B-5191 Folding Shower Seat

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  • Bradley 9594 Shower Seat

    Bradley 9594 Folding Reversible Bradmar Shower Seat

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  • Bradley 9593 Shower Seat

    Bradley 9593 Folding Rectangular Bradmar Shower Seat

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  • Bobrick Folding Shower Seat with Padded Cushion B-517 against white.

    Bobrick Folding Shower Seat with Padded Cushion B-517

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  • Bradley 9562 Shower Seat

    Bradley 9562 Folding Phenolic Shower Seat

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  • Bradley 958 Shower Seat

    Bradley 958 Bariatric Shower Seat

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  • Bradley 954 Shower Seat

    Bradley 954 Stainless Steel Corner Shower Seat

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  • Bradley 9591 Shower Seat

    Bradley 9591 Folding Square Phenolic Shower Seat

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  • Bobrick Bariatric Folding Shower Seat with Legs B-918116 shown extended.

    Bobrick Bariatric B-918116 Folding Shower Seat with Legs

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  • Bobrick B-518116 vinyl coated bathtub seat shown down against white.

    Bobrick Vinyl-Coated B-518116 Folding Bathtub Seat

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  • Bradley 9592 Shower Seat

    Bradley 9592 Folding Square Bradmar Shower Seat

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  • Bradley 957 Shower Seat

    Bradley 957 L-Shaped Bariatric Shower Seat

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For Commercial and Residential Use

Shower seats come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials — also, manufacturers design units both for residential and commercial use. Given the broad range of shower seat options, shoppers must carefully consider their needs before making a purchase. With a bit of forethought, you’ll end up with a shower seat that suits your needs and your customers.

Shower compartments can be hazardous. Falls are a danger given the slick tile surfaces splashed with soapy water. Users with limited or impaired mobility are especially susceptible. Shower seats are also valuable to the elderly. Sitting, rather than standing, significantly reduces fall risk. However, most shower enclosures don’t include adequate seating surfaces. Adding a purpose-designed shower seat solves this problem. Safer bathing has implications beyond avoiding injury. In many cases, a low-risk shower environment helps restore independence and confidence. Shower seats make the difficult task of bathing considerably more accessible.

Designs to Accommodate All Body Types

To accommodate showers of all different sizes – and users of all different sizes – major shower seat manufacturers produce an array of sizes. For larger, heavier users, choose a bariatric shower seat. Not only do these seats offer a wider and deeper seating surface, but they also feature higher weight capacities. Some systems can support 1000 pounds before reaching maximum weight limits. High capacity seats commonly include legs to distribute load across the wall and floor of the shower compartment. These enhancements increase comfort and safety for bigger bathers. High capacity seats often include legs to distribute load across the wall and floor of the shower compartment.

On the other end of the spectrum, compact shower seats are available for smaller bathrooms. These units work well in even the tiniest showers. Users concerned with saving space will be pleased to hear that most shower seats use a folding support mechanism. The mechanism allows storing the seating surface vertically against the shower wall. When the seat is needed, it folds down easily using a fluid motion. After use, the entire assembly collapses flat against the wall.

The different sizes and shapes of some shower seats enable unique and helpful functionality. For instance, some models are designed to install in a tub rather than a standing-only shower. When correctly set up, these reach from side to side in a bathtub. Users benefit from the stability and adaptability of this design.

Both rectangular and L-shaped shower seats are typical. Each design has advantages — many view L-shaped seats as more comfortable and adaptable. Square seats, however, are more straightforward and use less space when in the lowered position.

Durable, Waterproof Materials Withstand Use and Abuse

Manufacturers build shower seats using a variety of materials for the seating surface itself. Some of the most popular include phenolic, Naugahyde-wrapped plywood, and flexible vinyl strapping over polyamide-clad stainless steel.


Phenolic is an ideal material for a shower seating surface. It is entirely impervious to water. The interior layers of the material will never separate from the exterior laminate, as the manufacturing process permanently bonds them under high heat and pressure. Imperviousness to water is, naturally, a useful quality for an accessory meant for installation in a shower. It makes cleaning a simple process, as well.


Naugahyde-wrapped plywood comes with many unique advantages of its own. Designers achieve water resistance thanks to the outer wrapping of the faux leather material. Because the Naugahyde is flexible, designers conceal a soft and supportive foam pad below. Structural rigidity comes from a base layer of water-resistant plywood at the very bottom of the stack.

Vinyl and Polyamide

Vinyl straps attached to polyamide-clad stainless steel, in a way, offer the best of phenolic and Naugahyde seating surfaces. Like Phenolic, stainless steel covered in polyamide nylon is resistant to moisture. The vinyl straps are equally waterproof. As with the Naugahyde, plastic-covered surfaces are relatively comfortable. These surfaces better adjust to body heat than metal or wood and include a limited amount of “flex” not found in other materials.

Each seating surface includes some means of drainage, so water from showering does not sit on the seat for a prolonged time.

  • Phenolic units integrate slots for drainage into the single-piece seat.
  • Padded seats feature a domed profile that allows moisture to roll off the top surface.
  • Vinyl strap seats and slatted seats in other materials use the space between the surface material to enable drainage.