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Powder coated steel toilet partitions.

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Plastic laminate bathroom stalls.

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Solid plastic bathroom partitions.

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Custom and engraved solid plastic toilet partitions.

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Stainless steel bathroom stalls.

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Solid phenolic bathroom partitions.

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Composite toilet partitions.

Powder coated steel partitions are an excellent choice for most buildings. They are versatile and cost-effective.
High pressure laminate toilet compartments are design-friendly and highly adaptable. Choose from a range of finishes.
Solid plastic (HDPE) toilet partitions are extra tough and completely waterproof. Cleaning and removing graffiti are made easy.
Custom plastic bathroom stalls add visual refinement to the durability of solid plastic. Make them yours with engraving and color combinations.
Stainless steel bathroom partitions adapt to any style decor: fresh for modern spaces, elegant for traditional facilities.
Solid phenolic bathroom stalls offer high design and advanced reliability. Striking finishes that are resistant to moisture and abuse.
Solid color reinforced composite (SCRC) bathroom stalls resist dents, impacts, moisture, and scratches. Easily remove pesky graffiti.

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Toilet Partitions & Division 10 Products Sold Nationwide to All Types of Customers

Whether you’re a construction professional or an end-user, we’ll help you navigate purchasing, receiving, and installing your partitions. Our wide selection of stalls and accessories is sure to include the perfect products for your project. Customers unfamiliar with toilet partitions regularly benefit from our live, virtual demonstrations. With just a click, you can connect with our experienced sales team for a one-on-one video chat. An easy-to-use quote request system and friendly phone support round out our straightforward shopping experience. Shipping locations throughout the country mean your order will arrive quickly and safely. Once you receive your order, we are happy to provide installation support.

Years of Experience with All Bathroom Partition Styles & Materials

Choose from a range of materials and styles – all from leading manufacturers. Partition Plus can accommodate any job’s requirements: from high-end construction to do-it-yourself projects. Unsure which type of bathroom stall is best for you? No need to worry. Tell us about your situation, and our experts will recommend the best solution for your needs and budget. We understand how to outfit bathrooms and surrounding areas. You can trust our knowledge of bathroom stalls, bathroom partitions, and toilet partitions.

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Offering Toilet Stalls & Accessories from Leading Manufacturers

Partition Plus distributes products nationwide for numerous manufacturers. Quick shipment and low freight costs are possible thanks to our many shipping locations across the country. We ship anywhere in the United States. If you need your bathroom stalls installed, we provide those services to Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and the surrounding region.