Commercial Bathroom Stalls

Choose Your Bathroom Stall Materials

Whether you’re building a new bathroom or just replacing old stalls one of the most important decisions you can make for your commercial bathroom is what materials you want for your stalls. Looking for something waterproof? Take a look at HDPE plastic or phenolic bathroom stalls. What about low budget options? Powder coated steel and high-pressure laminate make great restroom partition options without sacrificing quality. Need bathroom stalls quick? We have options that ship in as little as 48 hours. Check out our materials online or give us a call and start building your commercial bathroom.

Replace Old Bathroom Partitions

If you find that your bathroom stalls are beginning to break down or that there are some stains that just won’t come off anymore it is probably time to replace your partitions. In some cases, you can just replace hardware or a single broken panel. But usually, it is best to get your entire set of commercial bathroom stalls replaced. This is to ensure that everything matches, the color, the material, even the texture. New, clean restroom partitions go a long way towards making clients, customers, and other visitors comfortable in your bathroom.

Worried about the cost of getting a whole new set of bathroom stalls? Luckily, for partitions, purchasing in bulk as part of a system often ends up being cheaper than buying the same individual pieces.

Treat Commercial Bathroom Stalls Like an Investment

Not only do you get a great return on your investment: bathrooms that you and your customers feel comfortable in, but you can also reap that reward for years to come. Some of our bathroom partitions have warranties of up to 25 years because you can count on them to last.

Consider your budget when choosing material for your restroom partitions. It may be that you want to increase your price point to get a sturdier material. Need to stick to a tight budget? No worries, all of our materials have multi-year warranties and are able to stand up to a significant amount of traffic. Talk to our experts about finding the bathroom stalls that are right for your location at the price you need.