Baby & Adult Changing Stations

Baby changing stations are necessary for any public restroom that may serve parents or families. Koala Kare is the leading manufacturer of high quality, safely engineered changing stations and child protection products. They produce a variety of finishes, in a range of mounting styles. Does the washroom in your small business need a changing station? If so, Partition Plus sells several inexpensive, plastic, wall-mounted Koala Kare changing stations. Are you spec’ing baby changing stations for an upscale office building? In that case, ask Partition Plus’ knowledgeable staff about recess mounted, stainless steel clad Koala Kare changing stations.

Adult changing stations sometimes known as special needs changing stations also play a crucial role in serving families, individuals with disabilities, and their caregivers. Adjustable height changing stations with the capacity to hold a fully grown adult lessen the risk of injury to care givers and individuals with special needs. Adult changing stations help enable those with disabilities and their caregivers to feel more confident going out and socializing without the fear of a lack of appropriate facilities. If you’re looking to include one of these stations in your establishment Partition Plus offers Koala Kare’s first ever adult changing station and our team is ready to answer any spec questions you might have.

We want to help you find the perfect accessories for your restroom. Call us at 800-298-9696 or email us at with questions.

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  • Koala Kare KB310-SSRE horizontal recessed baby changing station viewed against white, at an angle.

    Koala Kare Horizontal Recessed Baby Changing Station KB310-SSRE

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  • Koala Kare KB310-SSWM horizontal surface-mount baby changing station with the changing surface closed.

    Koala Kare Horizontal Surface-Mount Baby Changing Station KB310-SSWM

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  • Koala Kare KB311-SSRE vertical recess-mount baby changing station, shown with changing surface stowed.

    Koala Kare Vertical Recessed Baby Changing Station KB311-SSRE

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  • Koala Kare KB311-SSWM vertical surface-mount baby changing station shown with the changing surface closed.

    Koala Kare Vertical Surface-Mount Baby Changing Station KB311-SSWM

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  • Koala Kare's Horizontal Surface Mounted Baby Changing Station KB300 - Front View in Beige

    Koala Kare Horizontal Surface Mounted Baby Changing Station KB300

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  • Koala Kare KB200 horizontal wall mounted changing station in cream.

    Koala Kare Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station KB200

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  • Koala Kare KB200-01SS wall baby changing station with stainless steel.

    Koala Kare Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station with Stainless Steel Veneer KB200-SS

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  • Koala Kare KB208 oval baby changing station in gray, open.

    Koala Kare Oval Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station KB208

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  • Koala Kare Adjustable Height Changing Station KB3000-AHL - Right View Open

    Koala Kare Adjustable Height Changing Station KB3000-AHL

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  • Bradley Stainless Steel Recessed Changing Station Side View

    Bradley 962 Baby Changing Station – Stainless Steel Recessed

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  • Bradley 962-11 Stainless Steel Surface Mount Side View

    Bradley 962-11 Baby Changing Station – Stainless Steel Surface Mounted

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  • Bradley Gray & White Speckled Changing Station

    Bradley 963 Baby Changing Station- Horizontal

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  • Bradley Toddler Wall Seat 964

    Bradley 964 Toddler Wall Seat

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  • Vertical Baby Changing Station Cream KB301

    Koala Kare Vertical Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station KB301

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  • Koala Kare Child Protection Seat KB102 shown open against white.

    Koala Kare KB102 Child Protection Seat

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  • Bradley Logo

    Bradley P11-021 Box of 500 Baby Changing Station Liners

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  • Koala Kare Stainless Steel Wall Mount Baby Changing Station KB110-SSWM

    Koala Kare Stainless Steel Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station KB110-SSWM

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  • Koala Kare’s KB110-SSRE stainless steel recess mounted baby changing station.

    Koala Kare Stainless Steel Horizontal Recess Mounted Baby Changing Station KB110-SSRE

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  • Koala Kare KB101 wall mounted baby changing station closed cream.

    Koala Kare Vertical Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station KB101

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Koala Kare is the Industry Leader

Over the last 25 years, thousands of business owners have trusted Koala Kare to provide reliable changing equipment. At the same time, countless parents have benefited from Koala’s innovative, safety-focused childcare products.

Great Features & Top Build Quality

Koala Kare products are carefully designed to provide maximum strength and avoid any potential flexing or pinching. The following features highlight Koala’s commitment to innovation:

  • Unibody Steel Chassis offers superior durability and support.
  • Child Protection Straps help secure children and avoid falls from the bed surface.
  • Polypropylene Plastics with Microban are sturdy and easy to sanitize. Microban protection safely reduces odor-causing bacteria.
  • Liner Dispensers with Locks are convenient for caregivers and help prevent vandalism and theft.
  • Recycled Material Content contributes to LEED-certified building requirements.
  • Gas Spring Opening Mechanism smooths opening and closing.
  • Concealed Hinges reduce the risk of pinching and soiling of a hard-to-clean area.
  • Steel-on-Steel Hinges increase strength and minimize mechanical wear.

Please note that not all Koala Kare units include all the features mentioned above. Consult our specific product pages for complete, model-specific lists of options.

Material & Finish Options

Koala Kare products constructed from high-density polyethylene include Microban antibacterial protection within the plastic. This additive safely reduces odor-causing bacteria. Products made from polyethylene are available in a range of colors, including gray, gray granite, sandstone, cream, white granite, and earth. Stations in brushed stainless steel are also available for design-oriented spaces. Koala offers units with stainless veneers and complete stainless clad exteriors. Matching a Koala Kare changing station to your bathroom’s decor will not be a problem. Models are available to suit every style space, be it modern or traditional.

Choose between horizontal or vertical folding operation, depending on available bathroom space. Units supporting both recessed and surface-mounted installation are available. While recessed baby stations require more time to install, they result in a more refined, finished appearance. Surface-mounted units set up quickly and easily. Even small-sized bathroom projects with tight timelines can include a convenient Koala Kare unit.

Basic Installation & ADA Mounting Height

Many Koala Kare products are designed to install conveniently in restrooms built with studs 16 centers. For installation in masonry or tile over a stud wall, use a masonry drill bit for a pilot hole. In buildings with metal studs, concrete blocks, or non-standard construction, one side of the unit will need to be secured using toggles. Make sure toggles are capable of supporting the changing station and its maximum load. Follow the toggle manufacturer’s installation to ensure safety.

All Koala Kare products meet ADA requirements when properly installed. According to the “Planning Guide for Accessible Restrooms” (PDF), published by Bobrick (Koala Kare’s parent company), “to allow use by people with limited reach range, it is required that accessories be mounted with their “operable parts” – dispensing mechanisms, start buttons, coin slots, or dispenser openings – located no more than 48 inches (1220mm) above the finish floor.” Given this, the handle used to open the baby changing station must be no more than 48 inches from the floor. The opened unit must not require lifting the baby more than 34 inches off the floor to place it on the bed. Your Koala Kare product’s installation instructions will include specific directions regarding where to drill/mount to comply with the ADA. Note that the planning guide mentioned references 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

Meet Parent Expectations, Delight Clientele

In this age, parents expect bathroom facilities to include changing stations. Installing Koala Kare baby changing products will not only meet parent expectations but exceed them. Safe design and robust construction are evident across the product line, even to those unfamiliar with building materials and washroom accessories. Convenient features and smooth operation have contributed to Koala Kare’s leadership in the childcare equipment market.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your facility’s stations will make sure parents and general clientele remain pleased with accommodations.

Routine Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of Koala Kare items is simple.

Begin by inspecting the exterior of the closed unit for any damage or loose parts. Spray the handle and the area surrounding with high-quality disinfectant (allowing it to evaporate). Next, inspect the hinge and gas spring shock. Make sure the hinge is secure and operates smoothly. If the changing station opens too quickly, or the door drops when released, the shock may need replacement. With the unit open, check that the buckling strap operates as designed and is free from wear. Continue by scrubbing the bed area with a mild detergent, followed by a high-quality disinfectant. Before closing the unit, make sure that the warning label is complete and not worn. Finish the cleaning and maintenance process by cleaning the exterior, as needed, and disinfecting it.

Contact your facilities maintenance personnel if any installation issues or malfunctions of the unit itself are detected.

Buy from Division 10 & Washroom Accessory Experts

Trust Partition Plus to supply the ideal accessories for your project. We have more than 26 years of experience in the washroom accessory industry. As a Koala distributor, we can offer excellent base prices and quantity discounts for large orders. Many items are stocked and ready to ship within 24 hours. If you don’t see the specific changing station you are looking for on our website, please contact us. We will be able to provide you with a quote.

After you receive and install your baby changing station and childcare products, Partition Plus will gladly quote replacement parts and consumable liners. If you are unfamiliar with these units or have other questions, please call (800-298-9696) or email us ( with questions. We are happy to help!