High Privacy Partitions

High Privacy Toilet Partitions

Explore bathroom partition upgrades that keep your guests privacy in mind, including larger panel sizes, sightline concealing hardware and more.

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Powder Coated & Stainless Steel High Privacy Partitions

Hadrian High Privacy Elite Partitions

Hadrian Elite Series Partitions

Hadrian’s Elite partitions offer enhanced privacy at a low cost. Every high privacy option from Hadrian comes with their unique “No-Sightline Solution” that includes multiple pieces of continuous hardware that completely close gaps. Elite partitions are an excellent choice for the builder looking for increased privacy that won’t break the bank.

  • 64″ high doors and panels
  • Mounted 6″ or 9″ above the finished floor
Hadrian High Privacy Elite Plus Partitions

Hadrian Elite Plus Series Partitions

Elite Plus partitions are Hadrian’s step up from the Elite series. With a bigger panel size and the same great no-sightline hardware, Elite Plus partitions eliminate gaps and enhance occupant privacy. The lightweight options of Powder Coated or Stainless Steel material make partitions durable and even fire-resistant.

  • 72″ high doors and panels
  • Mounted 6″ or 9″ above the finished floor
Hadrian High Privacy Elite Max Partitions

Hadrian Elite Max Series Partitions

Elite Max partitions provide the highest level of privacy Hadrian has to offer with their large panel sizes and low mounting heights. Hadrian’s unique “No-Sightline Solution” completely eliminates gaps while pedestal mounting elevates design and makes maintenance easier.

  • 92″ high doors and panels
  • Mounted 4″, 6″ or 9″ above the finished floor

HDPE Solid Plastic High Privacy Toilet Partitions

Scranton High Privacy Eclipse Partitions

Scranton Eclipse Partitions

Scranton’s Eclipse partitions combine a sleek sophisticated design with enhanced privacy to provide a great option for any bathroom. The solid plastic material and hidden hardware pieces are durable and resistant to damage. Pilasters are supported by posts and panels come with shiplap detailing to add to the modern appearance.

  • 55”, 62” or 72″ high doors and panels
  • Mounted between 4″ and 14” above the finished floor
Scranton High Privacy Aria Partitions

Scranton Aria Partitions

Aria partitions by Scranton offer ultimate privacy with full height panels that eliminate gaps and help the user feel isolated and secure. The partitions come with multiple panel designs, door designs, and color options enabling them to fit any bathroom style.

  • Floor to Ceiling panels offer maximum privacy
  • Door gap as small as 1” above finished floor

Solid Phenolic (CGL) High Privacy Toilet Partitions

Bobrick Duraline Maximum High Privacy Toilet Partitions

Bobrick DuraLine Series Partitions

Bobrick’s DuraLine Maximum Privacy toilet partitions offer all the benefits of solid phenolic alongside a highly polished design and hundreds of color options. Stalls are resistant to damage and graffiti as well as water and fire resistant making them long-lasting and reliable.

  • 72″ high doors and panels
  • Mounted 4 5⁄16″ above the finished floor