HDPE Solid Plastic Shower Compartments

HDPE Shower Compartments

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Scranton Grey Shower Stalls

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Public showers are a necessity for gyms, YMCAs, commercial facilities, and many schools. Their convenience and utility are undeniable. However, in recent years, increasing demands for personal privacy have limited the usefulness of many existing public shower spaces. Turn your locker room’s unused showers back into a helpful asset. Revitalize your building by providing greater separation and more personal space. Accommodate modest individuals using HDPE solid plastic shower compartment dividers.

Providing Needed Privacy in Public Restroom Areas

For facilities with existing stalls, there are a variety of options. Replace short doors and dividing panels with taller, higher-privacy versions. In situations where partitions are open or use curtains, upgrade the partitions to include solid doors. Many shower rooms, or so-called “gang showers,” can be retrofitted with tall dividing panels, curtains and doors. Our experts will create a private shower partition layout whether your showers use wall-mounted heads or heads in the center of the space. For many users, bathing in an individual compartment is infinitely preferable to using a shared area.

Photograph of metal screw against white.

HDPE Solid Plastic offers excellent screw retention.

Offering Stability and Safety

Many highly effective toilet partition materials are not suitable for use as shower stall dividers. For instance, plastic laminate panels, doors, and pilasters will rapidly deteriorate after becoming wet. While this creates serious longevity concerns, it also jeopardizes user safety. As the plastic laminate’s fiberboard core absorbs water, it will swell.

Given enough time, the material will lose its rigidity and ability to retain the screws securing it in place. The risk of divider panels falling from walls becomes a severe concern. HDPE solid plastic will never deteriorate from exposure to water, soap, shampoo, cleaners, or disinfectants.

HDPE panels will remain rigid and hold screws and fasteners as securely as the day they were installed.

Photograph of mold and mildew in a shower space.

Solid Plastic won’t accumulate mold and mildew.

Protection from Mold and Mildew

Anyone who’s ever cleaned a bathroom understands that showers are susceptible to mold and mildew growth. In a locker room with multiple heavily used showers, the problem is greatly compounded. Unlike a shower in a private residence, many public showers are used throughout the day and never have a chance to dry out. Because of this, and the balmy temperatures in locker rooms, molds and mildews can thrive.

Moldy growths do not flourish in shower partitions made from HDPE solid plastic because the material will not absorb or retain moisture. This makes it a perfect choice for dividers in showers and locker rooms. As mentioned earlier, plastic laminate partitions can absorb and hold water within their particleboard cores. Metal partitions can also collect water within their hollow interiors. Even a small gap will allow the process to begin.

HDPE solid plastic partitions help protect your facilities – and shower users – against mold and mildew. Plastic shower compartments look and feel cleaner longer.

Scranton Shower Stalls with Curtains
Scranton HDPE Plastic Shower Compartments

Doors and Curtains for Added Privacy

Users will appreciate any efforts to enhance privacy in a shower or locker room. However, a majority will expect facility operators to create individual compartments using doors or curtains. To meet this need, shower stalls from Partition Plus can include curtain hooks integrated into the headrail. Built-in curtain hooks glide smoothly from side-to-side across the headrail. The conveniently placed hooks also allow for the easy installation and frequent replacement of shower partition curtains.

Customers can also opt to add solid doors to their shower partitions, providing even more privacy and a neater appearance than is possible with curtains. Durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum hardware guarantees years of worry-free door operation. Coordinate doors with panels and pilasters, or contrast colors to add visual interest.

Leading Durability and Sustainability

While vandalism isn’t a pressing concern for many public shower compartments, stalls constructed of HDPE solid plastic minimize the appearance of all scratches and gouges. Because the material is the same color throughout, any marks made will be the same color as the partition’s surface.

Solid plastic is also very stain resistant. Unlike materials with painted finishes and porous surfaces, staining liquids and solids easily wipe off HDPE. Its permanent water resistance also means that HDPE can be cleaned using a hose or pressure washer. This is especially convenient in a shower, where a drain is already present in the floor.

HDPE solid plastic is composed of between 25% and 100% post-industrial recycled material. Also, HDPE solid plastic is fully recyclable, post-consumer. When your shower partitions eventually reach the end of their useful life, they can be removed and easily recycled.

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