Solid Plastic Styles

Solid Plastic Styles

Not all bathroom partitions are created equal. Even partitions made of the same material can have plenty of differences. Partition Plus offers three different styles of solid plastic bathroom stalls. Choose from Standard HDPE, Eclipse Series, and Aria Series stalls.

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HDPE is an Outstanding Value in Toilet Partitions

HDPE solid plastic is an excellent value, regardless of style. Unlike some partition materials, it offers an outstanding set of features with a low cost of ownership. Solid plastic resists dents, scratches, corrosion, mildew, microbial growth, and graffiti. These are just a few of its advantages.

Solid plastic is significantly more dent resistant than powder-coated steel and stainless steel. Panels, doors, and pilasters are 100% solid, unlike hollow metal partitions. The appearance of scratches is minimized because solid plastic is the same color throughout. Minor scratching due to standard wear and tear will be nearly invisible. Deep scratches will not expose a different core color or decrease water resistance, as with laminate. Scratches in solid plastic are repairable. Unlike metal, solid plastic is not susceptible to corrosion. Exposure to water will not harm the surface. It will not decrease the integrity of panels, doors, and pilasters. Unlike wood or fibrous material, solid plastic resists mildew and microbial growth because it does not absorb or retain water. Remove graffiti easily using conventional cleaners. In the event of extreme damage, solid plastic can be resurfaced.

Standard HDPE Solid Plastic

Standard solid plastic bathroom stalls offer the benefits and value of HDPE material to a trusted partition style.

  • Design Customizability: Dozens of color and texture combinations are offered. Pick the shades that suit your bathroom best. Choose from bold colors like Hunter Green, Blueberry, and Burgundy. Or opt for warm tones like Mocha, Concrete, Sandstone or Mahogany. Many more choices are available.
  • Complete Moisture and Water Resistance: Stalls will not swell, rust, or deteriorate from exposure to moisture – unlike wood or metal.
  • Manufactured from Recycled Material: HDPE solid plastic components contain between 25% and 100% post-industrial recycled content. Specific formulations of plastic, available at special request, are eligible for LEED credits.
  • Easily Recycled: HDPE components are 100% recyclable after their useful life.
  • Fire Resistance: Enhanced fire resistance increases safety and minimizes the potential for damage. Specific colors and finishes possess Class A, NFPA 286, and Class B ratings.
  • Easy-to-Maintain: Because they are moisture-proof, solid plastic stalls are very easy to keep clean. Mild detergents and disinfectants will not harm the material. Powerwashing and hose cleaning are possible.
  • 25-year Guarantee: Manufacturers stand behind HDPE. Solid plastic is guaranteed to last at least 25 years when properly cleaned and maintained.

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Eclipse Series Solid Plastic

The Eclipse Series, from Scranton Products, offers most of the benefits of standard solid plastic bathroom stalls, with the following upgraded features.

  • Innovative Aesthetics: Eclipse partitions stand out, with a unique, European-inspired look. They are sleeker and more sophisticated than standard commercial bathroom stalls.
  • Hidden Hardware: Concealed hardware reduces visual distraction, putting the focus on your color and texture choices. Surfaces are also easier to clean without protruding hardware.
  • Sightline Blocking Features: Angled edges block sightlines around the door. No worries about wide gaps on the hinge or latch sides of the door.
  • High-Privacy Heights Available: Choose from 55 inch, 62 inch, and 72 inch panel heights. Customize the level of privacy based on your facility’s needs.

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Aria Series Solid Plastic

Aria Series toilet partitions look like nothing you’ve seen before. They bring together extreme privacy and virtually infinite customizability — all of this and the dependability of HDPE.

  • Thousands of Design Combinations: The Aria cubicle system features 7 panel designs and 17 door designs, offered in 27 colors. Architects, designers, and decorators are finally able to specify unique partition designs.
  • Sightline Blocking Features: Aria stalls provide extreme privacy with overlapping door edges, continuous edge mounted hinges, and floor mounted side panels. With Aria, these high privacy features are standard.
  • Easy-to-Clean: The shoeless system used to secure Aria to bathroom floors creates fewer cracks and crevices for dirt to collect. Cleaning becomes easier because less soil accumulates. Gone are the days of rusting shoes.
  • Floor Supported: Aria’s pilasters don’t tie into the bathroom’s ceiling for support or stability because the system is entirely floor supported.

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