About Us

Corporate offices: 341 Granary Rd, Forest Hill, Maryland 21050

We are a nationwide dealer/distributor for the top name manufacturers that specialize in bathroom partitions, washroom accessories, lockers, and many other Division 10 products.

Incorporated in 1993, we started supplying and installing bathroom stalls and lockers in our surrounding region of Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Our experience and knowledge of the industry is extensive and matched by none.

In 2007, we opened up our online sales department with the hopes of expanding our reach. Very quickly, we realized our professionalism and experience was a winning combination; with nationwide customers ranging from a small church or restaurant to the large-scale contractor.

Nationwide Shipping from a location near you!

Nationwide Shipping

All size jobs are welcome!

Along with the many smaller jobs we handle on a daily basis, we also have been able to engage in very high-profile projects including, but not limited to the White House, the Pentagon, and Raven Stadium. Whatever the job, whether big or small, we strive to offer our expertise and professionalism on the same scale. To see who else we’ve helped, check out our more extensive list of some notable projects that we have done as a company can be found further down this page.

We take great pride in our knowledge of the industry and ability to answer any questions you can throw at us. We’re striving to provide an extensive knowledge base of that information for easier access by our customers.

We specialize in restroom partitions, various washroom accessories, and lockers, but our thorough knowledge of Division 10 products and accessories goes beyond the scope of those three popular product types. Our expertise allows us to better serve all of our consumers: unsure owner, adept contractor, or masterful architect – we can provide anyone the necessities to a successful project.

How To Contact Us:

If you have any questions concerning any of our available products or your needs, feel free to contact us. We have a number of mediums that are available to provide information:

Trusted By Businesses Big and Small! Some of our previous clients include:
Baltimore Ravens
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
The New York Times
Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority
Taco Bell
The University of Michigan
The White House
United States Marines
United States Air Force
Texas AandM University
Radisson Hotels Resorts
MarineCorps Base: Camp Pendleton
Best Buy
John Hopkins Medicine
Planet Fitness
Washington Redskins
The Pentagon
United States Army
United States Supreme Court
Supreme Court Building
Marine Corps Base: Camp Lejeune
United States Naval Academy