HDPE Solid Plastic Dressing Compartments

Solid plastic color chart

Dressing compartments

Dressing compartments and combo units add significant privacy to locker rooms in gyms, YMCAs, commercial facilities, and schools. They are a convenient way for facility operators to address the increasing demand for personal space in what were designed to be shared spaces.

HDPE solid plastic is an ideal material for dressing compartments, given its durability and moisture resistance. It will withstand serious abuse before displaying any sign of damage or diminishing in effectiveness. Complete moisture resistance means that HDPE solid plastic is easy-to-clean and will not grow mold and mildew. Hose down cleaning and power washing are suitable options for soiled HDPE panels. The same can’t be said of metal or plastic laminate partitions. Because HDPE solid plastic has a solid core and is waterproof, it will never create a breeding ground for microorganisms. Plastic laminate and metal partitions are susceptible to this, however.

Shower dressing combo unit

Shower/dressing combo units provide maximum privacy.

Lack of Privacy Creates Facility Challenges

Is a lack of privacy a problem in your facility’s locker room? It is a serious concern at many older gyms, schools, and athletic complexes. Architects designed these buildings without any accommodations for personal privacy. With the general public’s preferences shifting toward increased privacy, changing rooms without provisions for user privacy are often disused. Worse, underequipped facilities can reflect poorly on the organizations that own and operate them. For many people, personal privacy is a very sensitive issue.

Even when organizations realize they must increase privacy, the extensive renovations required to make the change aren’t always possible. Often, the funding and support for this type of work are hard to come by. Fortunately, HDPE solid plastic partitions are available to solve these problems.

Available Privacy Retrofit Options

HDPE solid plastic dressing compartments are available in a wide range of configurations. Two of the most popular arrangements are stand-alone dressing compartments and combination units. Stand-alone dressing compartments are used only for changing, while combination units include both a shower space and a separate dressing compartment.

Photo of gray dressing compartment with doors.

Solid plastic dressing stalls with doors.

Combo Units

Combo units provide privacy before, during, and after showering. Locker room users can change out of soiled clothing, take a shower, and change into fresh clothing – all in the privacy of their combination unit cubicle. Because the dressing compartment directly abuts the shower, privacy is maintained.

Stand-Alone Dressing Compartments

HDPE solid plastic dressing compartments are a welcomed addition to any gym, school, or athletic facility locker room. They are an efficient way to supply the privacy that members, students, and athletes demand. Users bring their towel and change of clothing with them to the compartment, then change in privacy.

Great Alternative to Involved Construction Projects

A complete locker room renovation, to create individual changing spaces, will require a considerable amount of construction work. Demolition, framing, plumbing, and tiling are just a few of the costly tasks that will be involved. Plus, major renovations require downtime during construction. HDPE solid plastic dressing compartments and combination units are ideal for locker rooms in need of private space.

Photo of gray dressing compartment with curtains.

Dressing compartment with curtains in carpeted area.

Solid Plastic Dressing Compartments Install Easily

HDPE solid plastic dressing compartments (and combination units) install easily. Sufficient in-wall blocking is the only requirement to install dressing compartments or combination units in a locker room or shower space. Annually, hundreds of Partition Plus customers install partitions themselves using their DIY skills. For customers uncomfortable with self-installation, Partition Plus offers installation services for projects in our region. Customers outside our area can enlist the assistance of a local contractor for installation.

Quickly Fix Privacy Issues with Solid Plastic Dressing Compartments

Solid plastic dressing compartments install in a matter of hours, thus creating an overnight improvement in locker room privacy. Plus, locker rooms and showers are only out of service briefly during the installation of dressing compartments or combination units. They are an excellent alternative to costly, involved construction projects.

For more information about dressing compartments and combo shower/dressing units, contact Partition Plus by phone at 800-298-9696 or email sales@partitionplus.com.