Solid Plastic Lockers


Many Applications, Many Options

Tufftec Lockers has a solution for each industry, every kind of location, and varying purposes. You can choose from a variety of styles and configurations. There are numerous interchangeable options that can help customers to create the customized lockers they need. Lockers can be designed to meet your requirements. Whether the specifications are fairly simple or extremely demanding, these lockers can meet your needs. In addition, their durability allows these lockers to stand up to the most challenging elements and environments. Their durability and resistance to otherwise harmful elements make them the best options for those who are in the market for locker installations.


Using more technical terms, Tufftec Lockers can be described as lockers which are strong and durable because of the material used to make them, HDPE plastic. HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene. It’s a solid plastic that offers the benefits of stability and resistance to dents, markings, moisture, and many other unwanted problems. With both durability and space-saving construction, these lockers are built for the long haul. But, in addition to their durability, these lockers are literally built for long “hall”!. They are designed to perfectly fit the corridors of school hallways and other areas where space may be an issue. They are formulated from a homogenous color-throughout compound. They require very little maintenance and offer customers a cost-effective option that meets each and every specification and requirement of those who use them. Rest assured, you can certainly find Tufftec Lockers among some the best members of the locker production industry!


Businesses that are looking to change the appearance of their locker rooms and personal storage areas no longer have to worry. When it comes to remodeling or redesigning locker areas, Tufftec provides the expertise and specialty needed in order to get the desired results. HDPE solid plastic is literally made to stand strong and provide lasting strength. Lockers that are made from this material can stand constant wear and require little maintenance. This, of course, makes them worthy contenders for businesses where locker use is absolutely necessary.


If you’re looking for durable lockers that are perfect for schools, Duralife Lockers are the way to go. Whether they are in schools or other establishments, lockers are often subjected to a lot of different elements. Many times, the appearance lockers are ruined scuff marks, pen and marker scribbles, dents, and many other signs of wear and tear. But, these HDPE plastic lockers are perfect for the school halls and are able to stand up to the daily wear and use. Their construction allows them to stand among some of the most cost-effective, low maintenance, and stable locker options.


It’s not easy to select the absolute best lockers for a school. Knowing that the lockers need to be safe, stable, and long-lasting adds more stress to those who need to find a good locker option. School lockers are subjected to constant use and are bound to become worn down after a while. However, Duralife Lockers offers schools a durable, lasting, low maintenance locker option. These HDPE solid plastic lockers can even surpass the expectations of a metal locker unit! Contact Partitions Plus for more information!