Toilet Partition Hardware

Browse our large assortment of toilet partition replacement parts and hardware upgrades. They range from anti-grip aluminum headrail to stainless steel pilaster shoes. Purchase continuous brackets, hinges, and strikes to block sightlines at the edge of the doors, panels, and pilasters. For customers seeking to repair aging or broken partitions, we offer a variety of easy-to-install replacement components from Bobrick, Hadrian, and Scranton Products.

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Showing all 57 results

More About Bathroom Stall Hardware

Unfamiliar with commercial toilet partition hardware? You’ll see the following terms used on replacement hardware pages throughout the site.

Latches are used to keep toilet partition doors shut, preserving privacy. You’ll find latches mounted to the interior face of a compartment’s door. They interface with the strike and keeper attached to the pilaster.

Wall Brackets attach components to architectural walls in the bathroom. Manufacturers produce brackets from Zamak, aluminum, or stainless steel, in both stirrup and continuous configurations. Continuous brackets typically provide greater rigidity and privacy than their stirrup bracket counterparts.

Strikes & Keepers hold toilet partition doors in the closed position and accept the latch’s bolt – allowing the lock to function.

Pilaster Shoes wrap the edge of the pilasters in metal or plastic to protect it from scuffs and dents while concealing the hardware used to attach the pilaster to the floor.

Fasteners hold a partition installation together. Among other functions, they attach brackets to walls and panels, hinges to doors and pilasters, and pilaster shoes to pilaster bases.

Door Pulls attach to ADA doors to allow convenient closing and operation of the door by users with disabilities. Optionally, they can be attached to the interior or exterior of regular doors to increase ease-of-use.

Hinges are responsible for allowing partition doors to open and close. Different materials come standard with different numbers of hinges, usually two or three. Continuous hinges are also available that provide increased privacy along with many other benefits.