High Pressure Laminate Restroom Partitions

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High Pressure Laminate Toilet Partitions

Get near endlessly customizable bathroom stalls with High Pressure Laminate toilet partitions.

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Color Options

Check Out High Pressure Laminate’s Color Options

Solid Colors

Designer White

Antique White 1572-60

Natural Almond D30-60

Beige 1530-60


Slate Grey




Brittany Blue D321-60

Spectrum Blue 851-58

Leaf Green 8820-58

Hollyberry D307-60

Other Patterns

White Carrara 4924-38

Grey Nebula 4622-60

Satin Stainless 4830K-18*

Natural Canvas 7022-58

Natural Tigris 4669-60

Spiced Zephyr 4859-60

Desert Zephyr 4841-60

Tungsten EV 4814-60

Windswept Bronze 4794-60

Pewter Mesh 4878-38

Green Tigris 4667-60

Chocolate Warp 5881-58

Navy Grafix 7018-58

Graphite Nebula

Basalt Slate 3690-58

Wood Patterns

Wheat Strand 6212-58

Chestnut Woodline

Smokey Brown Pear 5488-58

Figured Mahogany

Xanadu 7945K-38*

35 Standard Colors of High Pressure Laminate Toilet Partitions

Whether your goal is to stand out or blend in, your bathroom stalls should look great. Partition Plus can make this happen with high-pressure laminate. Customize your partitions to use loud, bright finishes to make your facilities memorable. Or, select a subdued shade that blends nicely with your paint or tile. With 35 standard colors to choose from and a striking glossy texture you are sure to find the perfect match no matter your design intention.

Need More Laminate Options

For customers with some additional time, high-pressure laminate can be customized in well over 400 colors including premium high-gloss colors and faux-wood patterns! Talk to the experts at Partition Plus today to find the perfect color for your high pressure laminate toilet partitions.

What are High Pressure Laminate Toilet Partitions?

High pressure laminate or “HPL” partitions are made with a 45 lb density particle board substrate that has been embued with resin, covered with a laminate plastic sheet that gives the partitions their color. These two layers are then wrapped with a clear melamine overlay that protects the entire toilet partition. It is all these layers that come together to make a strong material that is impact and graffiti-resistant. High pressure laminate comes at a low cost without sacrificing

We don’t recommend this material for high humidity and high moisture areas. For those situations, we recommend solid phenolic or solid plastic (HDPE) partitions. But if your restroom space is relatively dry, you may be able to benefit from the low cost and visual appeal of laminate.

The Partition Experts at Partition Plus often recommend high pressure laminate bathroom partitions for churches, restaurants, and businesses. Call us and find out if high pressure laminate toilet partitions are right for your bathroom!

High Pressure Laminate Advantages

High-pressure laminate boasts an abundance of advantages over other bathroom stall materials. For many bathroom designers, small business owners, and organizations, high-pressure laminate is a superb choice. This fact is true whether you’re outfitting the bathroom of a bar, or customizing facilities at a high-end country club.

Vandal Resistant

Commercial graffiti removers work perfectly with high-pressure laminate. During testing, technicians removed 100% of graffiti marks from high-pressure laminate panels. This performance contributes to laminate’s ATSM D6578 rating for graffiti resistance

Scratch Resistant

High-pressure laminate can also withstand a 10kg load in trials designed to test scratch resistance. Metal partitions could only withstand 3kg in the same tests. This scratch resistance makes HPL a great choice of partition material.

Impact Resistant

High-pressure laminate tolerates forceful impacts easily, besting metal stalls in many tests. Its impact resistance of 3 inches per pound beats metals 2 inches per pound rating. Impact resistance helps prevent damage from bags and other items.

Fire Resistant

As a CLASS B material, high-pressure laminate bathroom partitions meet the ASTM E84 standard. They will not burn quickly or accelerate the spread of fire. They will stall the spread of fire and give building inhabitants time to reach safety.

Fast Delivery

If you have a fast-approaching deadline, Partition Plus has you covered. Our manufacturers ship out 35 different high-pressure laminate colors in just two to three business days. Even with transit time, you will get this material fast anywhere in the US!

Budget Friendly

A member of the “economy line” of bathroom stalls, alongside powder coated steel, high-pressure plastic laminate is a great choice that doesn’t break the bank. Saving money on a material may mean you can invest in a higher privacy option or additional hardware.

LEED Certified

LEED points are offered, as:

All of the industrial-grade particle boards found in these bathroom stalls have 100% pre-consumer recycled content.
The laminate is rapidly renewable and low-emitting by LEED standards.

2-Year Warranty

HPL Stalls come with a limited two-year warranty. The warranty protects against breakage, corrosion, and defects in materials. If any of these issues occur, properly installed and maintained toilet partitions will be replaced or repaired at no extra charge.

High Pressure Laminate Upgrades

There are many upgrades you can choose from for your high pressure laminate toilet partitions. The Partition Experts at Partition Plus can help find the right panel height, stall system, and hardware options for your bathroom.

Privacy Comes in Many Forms

Partition Plus serves many different customers, so we can vouch that various establishments require different levels of privacy in their bathroom stalls. Above and beyond requirements, some business owners or bathroom designers prefer higher privacy. Regardless, we aim to give you a wide range of privacy options for high-pressure laminate.
Balancing budget and preference is no issue when purchasing high-pressure laminate bathroom stalls.

Standard privacy stalls are perfectly acceptable for protection from accidental viewing. However, no sight line solutions completely obscure the occupant from view. For this, we use full-length channels at all connections, full-length hinges, and full-length keepers (keepers stop the door from swinging outward when users shut it). Partition Plus offers no sight line solutions for all material types, not just high-pressure laminate.

Cubicle Systems in High Pressure Laminate

We work with Bobrick, and other manufacturers, who offer high-design, high-privacy partition systems. These nicely designed components are combined with high-privacy hardware to provide nearly total privacy. Bobrick offers both larger panel traditional systems and the high-end PRIVADA system perfect for bathrooms looking to make an upgrade. Inquire about specialized high-privacy high-pressure laminate solutions by calling sales@partitionplus.com or calling 800-298-9696

Remember that all of these options are customizable, so matching the look and feel of your bathroom space will not be a problem. Increasing privacy doesn’t mean you must sacrifice style. Individual style and fine-tuned privacy make the toilet partitions uniquely yours!

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Still Not Sure What Material You Need

Partition Plus offers videos so that you can see each of the materials we supply in vivid detail. Learn more about each toilet partition material’s strengths and weaknesses and take a look at some of our color and texture options. Our Partition Experts offer easy to understand explanations and show off tabletop displays to give you an idea of what your bathroom stalls will look like right down to the hardware.

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