Engraved Solid Plastic

Engraved Solid Plastic

Want custom partitions with your logo or traditional designs engraved? Scranton Products offers a variety of custom engravings for their HDPE solid plastic partitions

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No law says rugged bathroom partitions need to be unattractive. With the range of stylish hardware and striking colors available from today’s manufacturers, the opposite is true. Most HDPE toilet partitions look quite attractive, albeit utilitarian. But if aesthetics are just as important as durability, read on to learn more about HDPE solid plastic engraving options.

Why Solid Plastic?

Experts frequently name HDPE – or high-density polyethylene – solid plastic toilet partitions as one of the best values in the bathroom stall industry. For slightly more money per stall than powder coated steel partitions, solid plastic toilet partitions are waterproof and resistant to vandalism by paint, marker, and ink. Lesser materials can’t boast these same special features. HDPE is designed to withstand significant abuse and stay looking great for years.

Signature Engraving

The Hiny Hiders Signature Engraving Collection brings six unique door designs and an engraved side panel design to Scranton Products HDPE solid plastic toilet partitions. The six styles feature a differing number of panels. Some styles include arched accents. This treatment is a perfect fit for restroom spaces with a traditional feel. Upon entering the bathroom, Signature engraved doors and panels might be mistaken for fine frame-and-panel wood. Observant visitors will notice that the components are decoratively machined plastic. Regardless of the viewer, Signature engraved doors and panels will make a positive impression.

One Color Engraving

One Color Engraving makes it possible to put your company, school, or team logo on partition doors. Text engraving is also available. Twenty-seven colors and four textures of solid plastic are available for engraving. Bathroom stalls customized with your organization’s logo are sure to impress guests. Carry your brand throughout your facility.

When engraved, HDPE partitions become an even higher value. Engraved partitions feature the same low-maintenance, high-durability qualities as regular HDPE, with a special touch. For more information about Signature or custom engraving, call the toilet partition professionals at Partition Plus. We’ll help you decide if engraving is right for your project – and make sure your design translates perfectly.

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