Lockers & More

Lockers & More

Partition Plus offers more than just bathroom partitions, we provide a number of Division 10 Products to help customers finish their bathrooms, locker rooms and more.


We provide both metal and plastic lockers perfect for any locker room, gym or school. Pick your material and design and we’ll get your lockers shipped directly to you, quick and easy. Not sure what lockers you need for your location, get in contact with our experts and we can help pick the material that is right for the elements and amount of use you are expecting.

Locker Room Benches

No locker room is complete without benches for resting or placing items and Partition Plus offers two different types to fit any space. Wood top benches offer a modern look that is water and sweat resistant, while solid plastic benches offer 15 colors to choose from and extreme durability. Check out our selection today.

Shower Stalls

The key to a public shower is a set of long-lasting stalls that will stand up to moisture as well as mold and mildew growth. Our HDPE solid plastic shower stalls fit the bill perfectly. They are sturdy, durable, and can come with built in curtain hooks or solid doors for extra privacy.

Dressing Compartments

Dressing compartments can come in combination with shower stalls or stand-alone and are a great addition to locker rooms that want to offer enhanced privacy. These HDPE solid plastic compartments are easy to install and durable, standing up against damage and moisture making them perfect for any location.

Vanity Tops

If you’re looking for long lasting and customizable vanity tops then you’ve come to the right place. HDPE solid plastic vanity tops are resistant to moisture and damage making them a great choice for any bathroom – particularly one that sees a lot of use. HDPE’s many color choices mean that you can choose a similar color to your stalls or mix and match with a striking new shade. Give us a call today to start customizing your vanity tops.

HAWA Door Hardware

For those looking for sliding door hardware HAWA is a preferred choice for many professionals. Their sliding doors can be found in homes, offices and even medical facilities, proving their reliability in any location. Here at Partition Plus we sell door kits and hardware online and offer expert advice via call or email for customers with additional questions.