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Cleaning Partitions: An Ultimate Guide

So you’ve bought a brand new set of toilet partitions and have them installed in your bathroom. Now you just want to keep them as perfect as the day you bought them. Regularly cleaning partitions is the best way to accomplish this.

Making sure your stalls aren’t broken and keeping them cleaned go hand in hand towards helping you keep a good bathroom environment. A dirty toilet is an obvious problem but when you flush that toilet particles fly into the air and cover the stall walls. That’s not even taking into consideration the other stains like grease, makeup, or graffiti that might find their way onto your partition walls.

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How to Repair Scratched Toilet Partitions

Over time, even the most carefully maintained toilet compartments will begin to accumulate scratches and light wear. While regular cleaning and sanitizing will significantly improve the appearance of toilet partitions, they will not prevent or address these surface marks. Fortunately, scratches rarely impact a partition’s effectiveness. Even better, repairing minor scratches in several common toilet partition materials is easy. In this post, we’ll look at repair strategies for laminate, phenolic, solid plastic, and stainless steel.

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Cleaning Toilet Partitions

There are a variety of acceptable toilet partition cleaning methods. This strategy is practically universal:

  • Prepare a mixture of warm water and a mild all-purpose bathroom cleaner in a bucket or basin. Submerge a soft, absorbent cloth or soft sponge in the mix. Wring it out, so it is damp, not soaked. Then wipe the partition surfaces side-to-side, top to bottom. Tackle one panel, door, or pilaster at a time.
  • Avoid any cleaning solutions or cleaning tools that are abrasive or chemically harsh. Do not use wire brushes, fibrous sponges, steel wool, scouring pads, powdered cleansers, gritty creams, bleach, acids, toilet bowl cleaner, or scale remover.
  • Repeat the wiping process using clean, warm water and a fresh cloth or sponge. Primarily, this removes the loosened dirt and excess cleaner. This step also limits the build-up of cleaner residue.
  • Always dry partition surfaces. Some partition surfaces can corrode if exposed to moisture for prolonged periods. Almost any partition material, even waterproof polymers, could show water spotting and streaking if they are not thoroughly dried.

PRO TIP: Use a wet mop with a flat, cloth-covered head (mounted on a ball joint) to cleaning bathroom partitions. Use the mop in conjunction with a misting bottle to speed up the cleaning process. These tools make light work of cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Do not reuse a mop or mop cover previously used to clean floors. Also, avoid excess moisture.

To remove difficult stains while maintaining the finish and cosmetic appeal of the partitions, use an approach tailored to your bathroom stall material: powder-coated steel, plastic laminate, solid plastic, phenolic, composite, or stainless steel. Consult these material specific pages to identify the composition of your partitions. Then, follow the directions in this article.

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Replacement Hardware, a Quick Upgrade

Partition Plus can supply replacement hardware parts for your existing toilet partition installation. Do you have stalls that look fine, but are operating poorly? If so, replacement hardware may help address your issues. In addition to resolving functional concerns, replacement hardware frequently helps improve the appearance of bathroom stalls. Take your partitions from tired to up-to-date in no time.

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Spring Cleaning Bathroom Partitions

Spring is in the air. And that means cleaning! Make sure your organization’s bathroom partitions and accessories don’t get overlooked during this season of sanitation.

The importance of regularly and thoroughly cleaning public restrooms is obvious. Well maintained “facilities” are healthier and more comfortable. Any and all bathroom users greatly benefit.

What isn’t obvious is that a well-executed cleaning regimen can extend the useful life of bathroom accessories and partitions. Continue reading for some tips.

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How to Clean Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions

Plastic laminate is a cheap and effective tool for high-traffic bathrooms, but they can be quickly worn down or host fungal growth if the custodians are not trained to properly maintain good hygiene. Here is a quick checklist to make sure the cleaning goes as well as possible.

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Cleaning Agents That Will Quickly Break Down Your Toilet Partitions

Toilet partitions are cheap and effective tools for maintaining privacy in high-traffic bathrooms, but not when they start breaking down not half a year from when you install them. Here are five of the most important dangers you need to quickly deal with before they start killing your new toilet partitions.

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When Should You Hire a Dedicated Toilet Custodian?

Public toilets see a lot of use, especially toilets that are open to the general public. This presents cleaning problems, especially when a hundred or so people use the toilet every hour. The bodily waste of dozens of people is bad enough, but then you have the inevitable mess they make when they bring dirt and garbage into the bathrooms.

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What Cleaners Can I Use for Different Toilet Partitions?

Buying toilet partitions can be the tough part, but what many toilet partitions suppliers don’t mention is the aftercare once you’ve installed these bathroom partitions. What types of cleaners are good to use on the different restroom partitions? And how can you keep your newly purchased toilet partitions looking as good as they did when you first bought them?

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