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Top 10 Bathroom Victims of TikTok’s “Devious Lick” Trend

A new TikTok trend has been running through schools across America encouraging students to get “devious licks”. A lick has been recently defined by Urban Dictionary as “a successful type of theft which results in an acceptable, impressive and rewarding payday for the protagonist”. In this trend this is usually accomplished by stealing or damaging school property. And perhaps nowhere has been hit as hard as the bathroom.

As people who create restrooms for a living, we take it pretty personally when people destroy what we help build. So, we wanted to share some of the worst we’ve seen.

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Are Public Restrooms Key to Containing COVID-19?

Toilet partitions for public restrooms are our primary area of concern at Partition Plus. Every day, we help customers find the best stalls and washroom accessories for their project and budget. As you might expect of a company that sells bathroom stalls to professional and DIY customers across the entire United States, we take notice on the (admittedly) infrequent occasions when shared-use bathrooms pop up in the news. As communities worldwide continue to combat the spread of COVID-19, reporting on the concept of wastewater surveillance testing has increased, and with it, conversations about public restrooms. We thought it’d be interesting to give our take on wastewater testing as it relates to COVID-19 and what it could mean to the toilet partition and washroom accessory industry.

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Shopping with Us = Better Info, Real Photos, and Expert Support

Selling products online and by phone has plenty of advantages. At Partition Plus, our web presence connects us with toilet partition shoppers spread across the entire United States. We reach many more businesses, organizations, and individuals than a brick-and-mortar storefront would ever allow. Furthermore, our main products – toilet partitions – are always entirely custom and shipped directly from the manufacturing facility. A “partition store” wouldn’t make much sense, given the nature of bathroom stalls.

On the other hand, phone and online-only sales present unique challenges. Significant hurdles include establishing trust and appropriately informing shoppers. A physical location filled with friendly staff and striking marketing materials – where the public can casually engage salespeople in conversation – is a tremendous sales tool. No doubt, it’s easier to trust a business you can visit. And face-to-face communication is the best way to explain a product’s benefits to a potential customer.

Partition Plus responds to these challenges using high-quality website content and by encouraging shoppers to engage with us in the way most convenient for them. They can submit a quote request, email, call 800-298-9696, watch a product video, or browse a gallery of detailed images. For more about how we enhance your experience, continue reading.

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Bobrick’s Cubicle Collection and Adoption of the Term “Cubicle”

Our rep wasn’t even halfway through his presentation on the 2020 Bobrick catalog before the Partition Plus website team started whispering among themselves about which new items we wanted to post first. Believe it or not, we are that enthusiastic about online washroom accessory sales. There’d be further conversations about how to prioritize and present some of the new accessory models, but we all knew that Bobrick’s Cubicle Collection items should go up first.

Fast forward a few weeks: our website now features 80% of Bobrick’s newest products. We made additions in several washroom accessory categories (for example, waste receptacles and combo units), and you can navigate to all our Cubicle Collection product pages.

It occurred to us while building the new accessory pages that many of the new products were worthy of additional discussion in this blog. Specifically, we wanted to write about the Cubicle Collection for two reasons. The first being that the collection has a nifty look and makes the task of coordinating accessories very simple. The second reason was to discuss the collection’s name – particularly the usage of the term “cubicle.”

Now that the majority of the new-for-2020 Bobrick accessories are online (along with several other additions), we’ve had a chance to jot down our thoughts on the new Cubicle Collection. Read on for our impressions.

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Unleash the Beast with BeastWire Mesh Guarding

SpaceGuard Products – the manufacturer of the BeastWire mesh guarding system – promotes four main product lines under the brand: partitions, lockers, railing, and rack guards. Now you can read more about each solution without leaving the Partition Plus website. That’s right; we’ve updated our BeastWire product pages as part of our year-end content push!

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Video Production Underway

Plans have been in the works for months to begin producing short videos that explain more about our partition products and other offerings. During the past few weeks, we’ve spent some of our spare time on this video production. Now, filming and editing are complete on our first batch of YouTube videos. And this blog post serves as our premier gala! We currently have four videos under our belts. Visitors to our YouTube channel or our online video center will learn more about:

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Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best

The expression in week’s blog title should come as no surprise to any seasoned facility manager. After all, it applies exceptionally well to the case of outfitting and operating shared use spaces – especially public restrooms. We at Partition Plus have seen it demonstrated tens of dozens of times. It is an unfortunate reality that most human beings don’t treat shared resources as carefully as private resources. Accepting this is sometimes difficult, as we would all like to save the money, time, and worry associated with planning for others’ carelessness.

Assuming you accept this as truth, how should you respond? As it relates to bathroom planning and toilet partitions, the best course of action is to choose a more robust material when outfitting your restroom. Read on for an example and explanation.

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Restarting the Partition Plus Blog

Starting a blog with a commitment to frequent, interesting updates is a bit dangerous. We want to make a bold statement, so you know we’re taking things seriously. At the same time, we all know how disappointing it is when a promising blog starts with a bang, then quickly ends in a whimper. That said, the rewards of informing and connecting are worth the risk. So, here we go:

Watch this space for great, new content from Partition Plus.

As a company, we have plenty to say about the world of toilet partitions, bathroom accessories, lockers, and other division 10 products. Over 25 years in the business gives us a unique perspective. It may sound boastful, but our experience in this industry is unmatched. The same can be said of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Did You Know?: The Bidet

“You have a bidet? Wow!”

One might consider the usage of a bidet to be a bit abnormal and even luxurious in the United States. The reality is: the United States is the anomaly. Akin to the cultural differentiation found in many parts of the world, the bidet is quite orthodox in many other parts of the world.

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A New Way to Shop: The “Stall Mall”

It almost sounds like something out of a comedy sitcom.

The joke is on you: eCommerce overlord Amazon has actually recently partnered with well-known branding savant Procter & Gamble (more concisely known as P&G) to stick advertisements inside of bathroom stalls. For those unaware, P&G own a number of substantial brands including (but not limited to) Luvs, Pampers, Cascade, and, to be more pertinent to this situation: Charmin.

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