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SpaceGuard Products brought more than 25 years of security and storage expertise to bear during the development of BeastWire mesh guarding. Designed and manufactured in Seymour, Indiana, BeastWire is a highly versatile, modular system for creating partitions, lockers, mezzanine railing, and pallet rack safety systems.

Visit the pages linked below to learn more about the benefits of room partitions, storage lockers, rack safety systems, and mezzanine rail guarding constructed using BeastWire mesh guarding. Additional information is available on the official SpaceGuard Products and BeastWire websites.

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  • BeastWire rack guarding prevents objects from falling off elevated warehouse storage.

    BeastWire Warehouse Rack Guarding

    SKU:BeastWire Rack Guarding
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  • Use BeastWire RailGuard to prevent injuries and damage from falls near stairwells.

    BeastWire Mezzanine RailGuard

    SKU:BeastWire RailGuard
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  • Photograph of an arrangement of storage lockers made from BeastWire mesh guarding.

    BeastWire Mesh Storage Lockers

    SKU:BeastWire Lockers
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  • Photograph of partitioned space within a warehouse using BeastWire mesh guarding. Includes locking door.

    BeastWire Mesh Partition System

    SKU:BeastWire Partitions
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