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Here’s What Happens After You Place Your Order

Waiting for delivery after placing an order is never fun. Whether you’re expecting a major purchase or just a pizza, the clock seems to slow down more and more as the ETA approaches. When it’s a package that’s coming, all vehicles within earshot start to sound like the UPS truck. You glance out the window. “Oh, it was just a school bus. Where could my stuff possibly be?” Sometimes, having a little bit of information can be worse than none at all: “I got an email that it’s out for delivery – I need to cancel my plans and rush home!”

The products that we sell aren’t typically available in stores, so the countdown to arrival is part of the process when ordering toilet partitions – and most washroom accessories. Many (if not most) shoppers we work with are in a hurry. As such, we make the anticipated timeline for bathroom stalls very clear in advance of accepting payment. Every day, we devote significant time and energy to tracking orders and contacting customers with relevant information.

We thought some additional information about the wait could be helpful – both eager customers and curious shoppers. And while we can’t eliminate this time, we do our best to make it brief and pleasant – like a child’s anticipation on Christmas Eve. 😀 Read on to learn more about what happens in the time that passes between placing your order and accepting delivery of toilet partitions.

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Toilet Partition Quick Ship Options

At Partition Plus, we understand that short lead times, fast shipping, and reliable delivery are important to all our customers. For shoppers in especially urgent situations, we are happy to offer expedited options. While toilet partitions ordered in select materials, configurations, and finishes are eligible for quicker shipping, all orders are processed and shipped as quickly as possible.

Read on for more information about quick shipping options from Partition Plus.

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A Range of Product Offerings from Partition Plus

Toilet partitions are just one of several product areas in which Partition Plus regularly works. On this website, we also sell washroom accessories, lockers, and Hawa sliding door hardware. But did you know, we can easily quote a range of other building materials and Division 10 products?

Recently, we worked with a customer whose project called not only for toilet partitions and Division 10 items but also for the creation of a large, secure storage area. Our years of experience with building materials enabled us to recommend a suitable product for the project space, despite secure storage products being outside our core offerings. In this particular instance, we recommended a wire mesh partition solution from SpaceGuard Products’ BeastWire brand.

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Our New Partition Design Tool

We’re very excited about the recent launch of the Partition Design Tool. Why are we so enthusiastic about it? Because it is already saving time, informing customers, and reducing miscommunication. Visitors are guided through five quick steps that collect all the information we need to provide an accurate, prompt toilet partition quote.

While we know bathroom partitions inside and out, the average person doesn’t know pilasters from plastic laminate. And that’s OK! It has always been our job to explain enough about partitions to our customers so they can make an informed purchase. The Partition Design Tool streamlines the process.

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