Toilet Partition Quick Ship Options

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At Partition Plus, we understand that short lead times, fast shipping, and reliable delivery are important to all our customers. For shoppers in especially urgent situations, we are happy to offer expedited options. While toilet partitions ordered in select materials, configurations, and finishes are eligible for quicker shipping, all orders are processed and shipped as quickly as possible.

Read on for more information about quick shipping options from Partition Plus.

Expedited Options by Material

Each toilet partition material we offer has a different lead time. Also, different finishes ship in different amounts of time. The mounting style of a toilet partition order will also influence lead time. Floor mounted, overhead braced partitions are the most popular option, thus can ship in the least time. All of the time frames mentioned below assume a floor mounted, overhead braced style.

Powder Coated Steel

Premium quick ship powder-coated steel colors ship 24 hours after ordering. This service is subject to a $300.00 upcharge and includes only Almond, Linen, and Light Grey colors.

Quick ship powder-coated steel colors ship approximately 48 hours after ordering. No upcharge applies to this service.

Stainless Steel

Brushed stainless steel ships approximately 48 hours after ordering.

Solid Plastic

Quick ship solid plastic finishes ship approximately one week after ordering.

Solid Phenolic

Quick ship solid phenolic finishes ship approximately two weeks after ordering.

Shipping from Convenient Locations

Toilet partitions ordered from Partition Plus ship from numerous locations across the country. Many of our manufacturers have one, or more, shipping facilities on each coast.

Scranton Products maintains a sophisticated production and distribution facility in Scranton, PA – located near the eastern United States’ important transit hubs.

Hadrian ships powder coated steel and stainless steel partitions from facilities in Ohio and Arizona. A location on each coast minimizes transit time for customers across the United States.

Bobrick has facilities in New York, Tennessee, and California. This enables short shipping timeframes for both coasts, as well as the middle of the country.

Other Options

Toilet partitions ordered in mounting styles other than overhead braced are subject to longer lead times. Custom colors and colors not noted as quick shipping will also require longer lead times. For more information about the lead time for any style of toilet partition, please contact us by email at or by phone at 800-298-9696. And remember, regardless of material, configuration, or finish all orders are processed and shipped as quickly as possible.