Take a Look at “Midnight”

Rendering of HDPE toilet partitions in Midnight.

Scranton Products is offering a new option for toilet partitions and lockers: Midnight. Scranton remarks that the color is “a bold new hue for your design palette,” describing the shade as “not quite black, not quite blue.”

To our eyes, here at Partition Plus, Midnight is an exciting take on dark navy. The most popular colors of HDPE are beiges, grays, and off-white shades. But there is no reason why the solid plastic toilet partition palette shouldn’t expand into a more colorful territory.

Midnight joins a small selection of bold colors already offered by Scranton Products. These include Hunter Green, Blueberry, Burgundy, Fossil, and French Blue. Midnight is significantly darker and much more professional than the two older blue hues – Blueberry and French Blue. Blueberry is likely too playful for some commercial environments, while French Blue is striking but can’t complement most color schemes. Blueberry would probably work best for an organization with a matching shade of blue in its color scheme. French Blue could find a home in a similar circumstance, or a lady’s room.

Where utility is concerned, a dark blue shade, like Midnight, offers excellent graffiti resistance, compared to lighter options. At the same time, it will minimize the visibility of any stains the partitions may pick up. In terms of design, Midnight will very nicely complement the gray and silver shades appearing in many popular color schemes. It would also be an excellent contrast to pale warm tones – like parchment or cream.

Scranton Products has already received a great response to Midnight. The new stall color appears in restrooms at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha in Nebraska. If you are interested in seeing Midnight live on camera, consider joining a Partition Plus sales representative for a live virtual demo. You can also contact us via email or phone (800-298-9696) to request a physical sample of this new look for HDPE. Read more about Midnight on the Scranton Products website.