Ultimate Guide to an ADA Compliant Bathroom

Ultimate guide to an ADA compliant bathroom

So, you’re building a commercial bathroom. You’ve picked out the materials for your partitions, the colors, everything right down to the toilet paper dispenser. But now you have to decide where to put everything and what size it should be. And that is a daunting task that leaves many people wondering, are there rules I should be following? The answer is yes! The standards for making your bathroom ADA compliant are some of the most important ones to follow.

We know that building an ADA compliant bathroom can feel overwhelming. That’s why we created this guide to tell you what you need to know about ADA compliance. If you still have questions afterward or want an expert to walk you through the process, we’ve got a whole team of people at Partition Plus who know all the ins and outs of ADA compliant bathrooms.

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Are Public Restrooms Key to Containing COVID-19?

Photograph of a manhole cover for a blog post about wastewater testing.

Toilet partitions for public restrooms are our primary area of concern at Partition Plus. Every day, we help customers find the best stalls and washroom accessories for their project and budget. As you might expect of a company that sells bathroom stalls to professional and DIY customers across the entire United States, we take notice on the (admittedly) infrequent occasions when shared-use bathrooms pop up in the news. As communities worldwide continue to combat the spread of COVID-19, reporting on the concept of wastewater surveillance testing has increased, and with it, conversations about public restrooms. We thought it’d be interesting to give our take on wastewater testing as it relates to COVID-19 and what it could mean to the toilet partition and washroom accessory industry.

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Hadrian Elite Plus “in Real Life”

Graphic with text "Elite Plus from Hadrian IRL ...it's Internet-speak for "in real life" ;)"H

Even though Hadrian’s Elite Plus toilet partitions are no longer king when it comes to privacy (Hadrian’s newly introduced Elite Max stalls have stolen the crown), they remain an excellent solution for restrooms requiring intermediate privacy. If your facility could benefit from stalls providing greater separation, but you aren’t quite ready to make the jump to individual cubicles, consider Elite Plus.

Recently, a customer sent us photographs of their Elite Plus stalls taken during installation. These images give an excellent sense of what the Elite Plus system looks like “in real life.” We’ve included them in the body of this post. Continue reading to take a look.

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Shopping with Us = Better Info, Real Photos, and Expert Support

Composite image showing a friendly employee and detailed product photos, with product description text in the background.

Selling products online and by phone has plenty of advantages. At Partition Plus, our web presence connects us with toilet partition shoppers spread across the entire United States. We reach many more businesses, organizations, and individuals than a brick-and-mortar storefront would ever allow. Furthermore, our main products – toilet partitions – are always entirely custom and shipped directly from the manufacturing facility. A “partition store” wouldn’t make much sense, given the nature of bathroom stalls.

On the other hand, phone and online-only sales present unique challenges. Significant hurdles include establishing trust and appropriately informing shoppers. A physical location filled with friendly staff and striking marketing materials – where the public can casually engage salespeople in conversation – is a tremendous sales tool. No doubt, it’s easier to trust a business you can visit. And face-to-face communication is the best way to explain a product’s benefits to a potential customer.

Partition Plus responds to these challenges using high-quality website content and by encouraging shoppers to engage with us in the way most convenient for them. They can submit a quote request, email sales@partitionplus.com, call 800-298-9696, watch a product video, or browse a gallery of detailed images. For more about how we enhance your partitionplus.com experience, continue reading.

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It’s Not Just for Partitions: Vanities in HDPE Solid Plastic

Photograph of a sink bowl and three-piece faucet installed in a Scranton Products HDPE vanity top.

Anyone who’s spent time browsing our site has likely read about the virtues of HDPE toilet partitions. HDPE, also called “solid plastic,” refers to bathroom stalls made with extruded, one-inch-thick high-density polyethylene. Partitions constructed from this material (along with the included hardware) are impervious to moisture, making them very tough and easy-to-clean.

Occasionally, we speak with customers who aren’t aware that we also sell public restroom vanity tops in coordinating solid plastic. Partition Plus offers HDPE vanity tops designed to coordinate with toilet partitions made from the same material. Solid plastic vanity tops offer all the same benefits of HDPE stalls: total moisture resistance, hassle-free maintenance, and high durability. Plus, these vanities perfectly coordinate with stalls made from the same material. Read on to see images from a recent Partition Plus project where we installed solid plastic toilet partitions and vanity tops for a local business.

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Bobrick’s B-540 Serves Two Roles (or is that “Rolls?”)

Composite of B-540 toilet tissue dispenser and comic-style text.

OK… we admit it, this post’s title is excessively corny. Can you blame us, though? At Partition Plus, our specialty is providing customers with toilet partitions and washroom accessories that suit the demands and budgets of their projects. We have bathroom stalls and accessories on our minds all day long. So when something innovative, like the B-540, comes along, it gets our attention and leaves us a bit giddy… What? You don’t get giddy thinking about TP dispensers?

What’s so special about the B-540 surface-mounted toilet tissue dispenser? The answer is simple: this well-designed product shows that Bobrick is paying attention. Bobrick has long held a reputation for high-quality, high-value bathroom accessories. You’ll find their products installed in hundreds of thousands of restrooms throughout North America and the world. These accessories and partitions see millions of uses throughout each year. Bobrick’s success in the market puts them in a position where they can innovate – and they’ve done it with the new B-540. It offers plenty of benefits as a toilet tissue dispenser, but it also acts as a darn handy small utility shelf. It might not sound Earthshattering to some people, but it indicates that Bobrick is responding to the changing needs of the public.

Please continue reading for more of our thoughts on Bobrick’s B-540 surface-mounted toilet tissue dispenser and utility shelf.

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Bobrick’s Cubicle Collection and Adoption of the Term “Cubicle”

Photograph of a B-546 Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Our rep wasn’t even halfway through his presentation on the 2020 Bobrick catalog before the Partition Plus website team started whispering among themselves about which new items we wanted to post first. Believe it or not, we are that enthusiastic about online washroom accessory sales. There’d be further conversations about how to prioritize and present some of the new accessory models, but we all knew that Bobrick’s Cubicle Collection items should go up first.

Fast forward a few weeks: our website now features 80% of Bobrick’s newest products. We made additions in several washroom accessory categories (for example, waste receptacles and combo units), and you can navigate to all our Cubicle Collection product pages.

It occurred to us while building the new accessory pages that many of the new products were worthy of additional discussion in this blog. Specifically, we wanted to write about the Cubicle Collection for two reasons. The first being that the collection has a nifty look and makes the task of coordinating accessories very simple. The second reason was to discuss the collection’s name – particularly the usage of the term “cubicle.”

Now that the majority of the new-for-2020 Bobrick accessories are online (along with several other additions), we’ve had a chance to jot down our thoughts on the new Cubicle Collection. Read on for our impressions.

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Here’s What Happens After You Place Your Order

Graphic illustrating the wait for toilet partition delivery.

Waiting for delivery after placing an order is never fun. Whether you’re expecting a major purchase or just a pizza, the clock seems to slow down more and more as the ETA approaches. When it’s a package that’s coming, all vehicles within earshot start to sound like the UPS truck. You glance out the window. “Oh, it was just a school bus. Where could my stuff possibly be?” Sometimes, having a little bit of information can be worse than none at all: “I got an email that it’s out for delivery – I need to cancel my plans and rush home!”

The products that we sell aren’t typically available in stores, so the countdown to arrival is part of the process when ordering toilet partitions – and most washroom accessories. Many (if not most) shoppers we work with are in a hurry. As such, we make the anticipated timeline for bathroom stalls very clear in advance of accepting payment. Every day, we devote significant time and energy to tracking orders and contacting customers with relevant information.

We thought some additional information about the wait could be helpful – both eager customers and curious shoppers. And while we can’t eliminate this time, we do our best to make it brief and pleasant – like a child’s anticipation on Christmas Eve. 😀 Read on to learn more about what happens in the time that passes between placing your order and accepting delivery of toilet partitions.

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In Defense of Livable Public Restrooms

Photo of a ceramic statue of a frog using a cell phone while sitting on a toilet.

Given the purpose of our website – to inform shoppers about Partition Plus and the toilet partition products we sell – this blog rarely features topical content. No doubt, being timely and relevant is great. But there is very little breaking news in the Division 10 and bathroom stall industries. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to comment on this, though.

Earlier this week, Wired magazine’s UK website published an article about a new toilet intentionally designed to be uncomfortable to sit on. StandardToilet, the commode’s creator, hopes businesses will install the fixture to curb extended toileting time (presumably stemming from mobile device usage). Please take a minute to check out “The corporate poo patrol is coming after your precious toilet time” and read on for our reaction.

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How to Repair Scratched Toilet Partitions

Remove Scratches

Over time, even the most carefully maintained toilet compartments will begin to accumulate scratches and light wear. While regular cleaning and sanitizing will significantly improve the appearance of toilet partitions, they will not prevent or address these surface marks. Fortunately, scratches rarely impact a partition’s effectiveness. Even better, repairing minor scratches in several common toilet partition materials is easy. In this post, we’ll look at repair strategies for laminate, phenolic, solid plastic, and stainless steel.

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