When Should You Hire a Dedicated Toilet Custodian?

Public toilets see a lot of use, especially toilets that are open to the general public. This presents cleaning problems, especially when a hundred or so people use the toilet every hour. The bodily waste of dozens of people is bad enough, but then you have the inevitable mess they make when they bring dirt and garbage into the bathrooms.

So why not consider hiring a dedicated toilet custodian?

These toilet custodians are basically janitors dedicated to cleaning up toilets and nothing else. This is a very valid idea for public toilets that see hundreds of users per hour. Paying a janitor to clean up the toilets may present an immediate expense on your records, but these janitors more than make up for their fees by cleaning up any spills before they have a chance to form odors and to pick up any trash before someone steps on it.

Their mere presence discourages vandalism as well – a very serious problem for high-traffic toilets. People tend to get funny ideas when they think they are alone, like drawing up random figures on the toilet partitions or prying off a water tap just for the heck of it. These same people will be much less likely to do these things when they know someone is nearby.

Keep these bits of information in mind and you’ll have a bathroom that is clean, smells fresh and is much less likely to be vandalized. Get it clean enough and you might just impress guests with how spotless your public toilets are!