Custom Toilet Partitions

Photograph of needle, thread, and measuring tape used by tailor.

If you read through this site, you’ll notice that when we explain our partition products we frequently mention how we can deliver bathroom stalls tailored to fit any restroom space – or some version of that statement. You may be wondering how we can make such a bold claim with complete confidence. We thought it was high time to elaborate. Continue reading for the details.

We can offer partitions to fit any space because bathroom stall systems all use the same types components. These components are produced in a wide variety of standard sizes. This gives us a virtually infinite variety of configurations.

Let’s run a quick thought experiment: a single free standing, powder coated steel bathroom stall is made up of two panels, two pilasters, and one door. Headrail, brackets, pilaster shoes, and other hardware is also required, but we won’t worry about them for this example. For each of those major components, say we can supply five to ten size variations (which is a conservative estimate). Here’s a rough equation…

(2) Panels x (10) Panel Sizes x (2) Pilasters x (5) Pilaster Sizes x (1) Door x (3) Door Sizes

Doing the math reveals the possibility of more than 600 variations! That’s just one stall, in a single material, not counting hardware. Other typical options (color, mounting style, privacy options, etc.) will make the number even higher.

We use specialized software to translate your requirements, measurements, and layout into a toilet partition design and list of parts. We verify and adjust this design. As with many computerized tasks, human eyes can easily fix issues that the fanciest software would struggle to detect.

When the order is placed, any uncommon components are manufactured. Perhaps your order includes a very large panel, in a less-popular color. This is still a standard part, but it may not be kept on hand. Once these parts are ready, stock components are picked, the order is boxed, and shipped to you. That is how it is done! If you’d like to hear more about how we handle unique bathroom spaces and partition designs, call us at 800-298-9696 or email!

Here’s a quick recap:

  • With so many possible variations of standard parts, any design is possible.
  • Certain styles and colors ship quickly because parts are in stock.
  • “Oddball” components are still relatively inexpensive and easy to fabricate quickly.
  • We use special layout software, but our 25+ years of experience lets us make sure your partitions will fit perfectly.
  • This streamlined process saves customers money.
  • Compliance with federal and local codes and accessibility standards is easier with standardized parts.
  • Ordering replacement parts is a breeze when they are standardized.