Stacking Solid Plastic for Privacy

Photograph of a stack of pancakes with toppings.

Previously on the blog, we discussed how Partition Plus can offer quick-shipping bathroom stalls in custom sizes. Beyond accommodating unique dimensions, we supply specialized bathroom partitions. For example, we can tailor high privacy (extended height) toilet partitions for your space. Once again, we take standardized materials and apply careful planning and a dash of ingenuity to meet our customers’ design goals.

In the case of extended height, solid plastic bathroom stalls, we work with a particular manufacturer that uses a special assembly process involving “stacked panels” to achieve the desired effect. All the best things are stacked: pancakes, money, sandwiches, and solid plastic bathroom stall panels from Partition Plus!

Solid plastic (high density polyethylene or HDPE) bathroom partitions are perfect for many public restroom situations. The material is impervious to moisture, easy to clean, resistant to staining, resistant to odors, and environmentally friendly (it is made of 100% recycled materials and is, of course, highly recyclable itself). However, one limitation of HDPE is panel size.

For bathroom stall configurations requiring panels larger than 55” wide, the maximum height of the panel would be 55”. ADA compliant stall configurations require panels larger than 55” wide, so this occurs somewhat regularly. With many of our customers are embracing the industry-wide move towards higher privacy bathroom stalls, a workaround for the 55″ limit was necessary.

This is where Scranton Products and some clever thinking come into play. Scranton Products is an industry leader in plastic bathroom partitions and lockers. Scranton offers stacked panels to achieve higher panel heights.

Unlike most stacks (pancakes, money, sandwiches), stacked partition panels are not stacked on the large flat side. They are stacked vertically on the narrow edge, and linked together with robust dowel rods that are completely concealed when the two panels are joined and installed. See the image below for an illustration of the concept.

Rendering of solid plastic bathroom partition using stacked panels.

If your bathroom space could benefit from solid plastic stalls, but you are also interested in higher privacy, extended height, options are available! call Partition Plus at 800-298-9696 or email so we can chat about your toilet partition project.