Beyond the Bathroom – Creative Ways to Divide Your Space

Here at Partition Plus, we specialize in dividing bathrooms in a way that looks good and protects privacy. But what about whenever you need to divide a different room in a commercial or residential space? Well, not only can you still use partitions, but there are many different creative ways to divide a room without the permanence of a wall.

Residential Spaces

When you are dividing a residential space there are many things to consider, but the first and foremost is design. Homeowners want a stylish way to section their rooms that won’t take away from the aesthetic of their house. Home expert at Redfin, Ryan Castillo discusses more about dividing residential spaces in his article:

“Dividing a room can be a challenge, especially if you don’t want to install a permanent wall. However, there are many creative and cost-effective ways to separate spaces without sacrificing style or functionality. From installing room dividers to setting up partition bookcases, there are a variety of options that can effectively divide a room without sacrificing natural light or an open feel. Whether you’re renting an apartment in Austin, TX, or are looking for a house in Anaheim, check out 8 Clever Ways to Divide a Room Without a Wall to create a separate workspace, a cozy reading nook, or simply define the boundaries of different areas in your home.”

Commercial Spaces

If dividing a home is largely about design, dividing a commercial space must often heavily balance style with functionality. Offices may need ways to divide working areas for employees or section off meeting rooms. A simple decorative curtain will work wonderfully for a residential space like a bedroom but may be less practical for a high traffic space like a popular store.

This priority of function means that commercial spaces have a few options for dividing space that homes generally won’t use. One of these options is sliding partitions that go from floor to ceiling and have a certain amount of sound-proofing, making them popular for conference rooms. They are also retractable, allowing businesses to utilize the space in multiple ways for different group sizes.

Another option is the cubicle, a shorter partition than its sliding counterpart. Most people are familiar with this type of room division that allows employees to have a certain amount of privacy to work but also keeps the room looking more open when you look above the dividers. Cubicles are another functional choice for offices but usually not the most stylish, and since most homes don’t have a need for multiple offices it is not a popular choice for residential spaces.

However, many of the other options for dividing space remain similar between the two types of locations and offer even more creativity in style, color and form. In his article, Ryan discusses options such as partitioned bookcases and industrial curtains, both of which are practical and stylish options for businesses and homes.

Use Your Creativity

No matter the space you are trying to divide, there are many options to consider beyond a wall which can be expensive and permanent. Even bathroom stalls can come in many colors and styles to fit any customer’s needs. Make your home or business stand out with one of many creative options