An Exciting Concept(a)

Rendered image showing the Hawa Concepta Pivot/Sliding Door Kit used to contain a kitchen pantry and cooking appliances.

We’ve recently expanded the Hawa sliding door hardware section of our website. Previously, visitors could learn about the most popular Hawa systems by reading technical information, browsing image galleries, and downloading PDF documents. Unfortunately, only the Junior series was available for purchase directly through our site. For customers to purchase other Hawa products – including the Concepta, Folding Concepta, Super series, and any accessories – a phone call or email was required. While we enjoy providing personal assistance with Hawa orders, we understand calls and emails are inconvenient for some customers.

With these new additions, shoppers can jump online, visit, and quickly place an order for any of the following items: Hawa Concepta 25, Hawa Concepta 30, Hawa Concepta 40, Hawa Concepta 50, Hawa Folding Concepta 25, Concepta Door Pocket Kit, Concepta Back-to-Back Doors Pocket Kit, Concepta Folding Strengthening Profile, and Concepta Folding Bottom Profile.

For anyone unfamiliar with Hawa, you can read more about the brand on our website or their corporate “about” pages. They produce some of the best architectural sliding door hardware available anywhere in the world. Their products affirm Switzerland’s reputation for precision design and manufacturing. It was a priority for us to improve pages showing Hawa’s Concepta series, as it is one of their most innovative and functional product lines.

Concepta hardware enables a cabinet door to swing open and closed, as hinges would generally allow. The difference is this: the open door panel can then slide alongside the cabinet – out of the way and out of sight. The Concepta system is an ideal solution for built-in cabinetry that conceals appliances or work areas. In these situations, an open door panel creates a physical obstruction.

Folding Concepta hardware adds a twist: support for bi-folding doors, like those used with many closets. Doors using the Folding Concepta system fold open as you’d expect, but the resulting stack of two door panels can slide back, alongside the cabinet. Again, this system reduces visual and physical clutter. Once opened and stored away, doors mounted to Folding Concepta hardware are nearly invisible.

Along with the different Concepta kits, we’ve created pages for the most popular optional hardware. The two Pocket Kits include hardware designed to help create the hollow cavities alongside the cabinetry where the sliding or folding doors will store away. The Strengthening Profile and Bottom Profile help with the support and alignment of large Folding Concepta installations.

Take a few moments to view our revamped Hawa pages. Who knows, you may find the sliding door hardware of your dreams! Call or email for details on our Hawa offers. You can reach Partition Plus by phone at 800-298-9696 or by email at