Hawa Junior 40/Z Sliding Door Kit


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The Hawa Junior 40/Z is a top hung sliding door hardware system for use with wooden door panels. Junior 40/Z is so named because the system can support a maximum door panel weight of 88 pounds (or 40 kilograms). The “Z” in the Junior 40/Z name refers to the way the running gear attach to the door panel. “Z” indicates that the system uses suspension brackets. Suspension brackets are flat horizontal plates that screw into the top edge of the door panel. The plates then accept a short vertical rod suspended from the running gear in the track above the door.

Additional information

Fitting Sets

Hawa Junior 40/Z Fitting Set (940.41.006) consists of (2) running gear, (2) two-way suspension fittings with hanger bolts and M8 nut, (1) track buffer with retaining spring, (1) wall buffer, (1) floor guide with zero clearance, (1) height adjusting pin.


Aluminum upper track with clear anodized finish, pre-drilled. Offered in the following lengths: 1.4m (940.40.140), 1.6m (940.40.160), 2m (940.40.200), 3m (940.40.300), 4m (940.40.400), 6m (940.40.600).

Floor Guide Rail

Plastic Floor Guide Rail (940.41.130) sold in 1.3m lengths.

Angled Profile Kit

Angled Profile Kits available in 2m and 6m lengths. Can be trimmed to fit. 2m Kit includes 2m Angled Profile (940.40.202), Track to Profile Fasteners (940.40.099), and Pair of Track End Caps (940.40.067). 6m Kit includes 6m Angled Profile (940.40.602), Track to Profile Fasteners (940.40.099 x 3), and Pair of Track End Caps (940.40.067).

Soft Closer

Hawa SoftMove 40 Soft and Self Closer(940.80.330)