Aria, from Scranton Products, for Unisex Bathrooms

Photo of "Whatever Just Wash Your Hands" sign.

Scranton Products Aria series of full height toilet cubicles are an ideal solution for unisex bathrooms. Aria partitions provide extreme privacy, as well as design advantages and unique features not found in standard toilet stalls. The focus on privacy is what makes Aria perfect for bathrooms designed to be shared by persons of all genders. Read on for more information about Aria partitions and how well they work in gender-neutral bathrooms.

In a way, it is unfair to call the spaces Aria creates “stalls,” divided by “partitions.” These words imply low-privacy areas with many sightlines and wide gaps between components. The term “cubicle” is much more fitting, given the ultimate privacy offered to Aria users. Aria is configurable to eliminate gaps above and below doors and panels completely. Without opening the door, it is impossible to see into an Aria cubicle. The floor-to-ceiling components used in Aria systems help block sound, in addition to sight, allowing for a new dimension of privacy.

Aria’s industry-leading privacy doesn’t limit customizability. Scranton Products boasts that Aria cubicles are available in 27 colors and textures, 17 door designs, and seven panel designs. Colors range from quiet grays and beiges to darker, bolder blues and browns. Specked materials are also available. Take a step beyond color using a choice of orange peel, EX, rotary-brushed, or hammered texture options. Unique engraving makes the range of panel and door choices possible.

Collage of Aria partition set ups.

Because solid plastic HDPE is used to construct Aria, the dividers are entirely waterproof and impermeable to moisture. Not only does this enhance durability and ease maintenance, but it also makes Aria components significantly less likely to harbor illness-causing mold and bacteria. A reduced number of crevices and cracks, where dirt can accumulate, makes Aria inherently cleaner than conventional bathroom divider systems.

When Aria series cubicles do become soiled, soapy water and a gentle wipe down are usually all that is needed to clean the surface. Most graffiti wipes away with similar ease.

Scranton Products’ Aria cubicle system offers a multitude of advantages beyond the maximum privacy – that makes it a top choice for gender-neutral and unisex restrooms. Few bathroom divider systems, if any, benefit bathroom operators and users the way Aria does. For more information contact Partition Plus at or 800-298-9696.