The “Goldilocks Principle” and Hawa Sliding Door Hardware

Printed image of Goldilocks running from the three bears.

For the best experience with Hawa sliding door hardware, avoid purchasing hardware systems designed for door panels that are heavier or larger than yours.

What does this have to do with Goldilocks? That requires some explanation. When purchasing either consumer or commercial hardware, shoppers are accustomed to seeing both “heavy duty” and “standard” versions of products offered side by side. Typically, the “professional” or “heavy duty” variation is slightly more expensive and has better specifications. Given the choice, most people will select the overbuilt product, rather than the traditional alternative. Usually, upgrading isn’t a bad choice, but you may want to second guess this approach when shopping for Hawa sliding door hardware.

Imagine you’re shopping sliding hardware for an upcoming project. This will be a straightforward, single-panel sliding door. You already know your panel will be solid wood and weigh about 75 pounds. Common sense dictates you need hardware intended for a door at least as heavy as yours. This decision eliminates many lightweight sliding systems from consideration. You’ve decided to use a Hawa Junior kit. Now, you need to choose between the Junior 40/Z and Junior 80/Z. The 40/Z has a capacity of 88 pounds, while the 80/Z will support up to 176 pounds. You’re tempted to purchase the 80/Z. Sure, your door panel weighs less than the 40/Z’s 88 pound maximum, but the extra capacity couldn’t hurt, could it?

Where Hawa sliding door hardware is concerned, it can! All Hawa hardware is meticulously designed and manufactured to precise standards. Components are individually crafted, then combined into sliding door systems meant for certain types of door panels. If you purchase hardware designed for a 150 pound door panel, it will not function optimally with a 75 pound panel. Underloading the hardware is nearly as bad as overloading it. You may encounter one or more of the following if the panel is too light:

  • Running gear may not properly seat in the track
  • Soft close mechanisms could stutter or cause sudden stops
  • Panels could bounce off padded bumpers or stoppers

Avoid Hawa sliding door systems designed for doors heavier and larger than yours. Also avoid hardware for doors that are lighter and smaller. Like Goldilocks and her porridge, you’ll find that the middle road is “just right”. The knowledgeable staff here at Partition Plus can help you select the proper Hawa hardware for your door panel – taking material, size, and weight into consideration. Call 1-800-298-9696 to speak with us by phone, or email with questions.

Goldilocks 1912” from The Book of Knowledge, Arthur Mee and Holland Thompson, eds. (New York, NY: The Grolier Society, 1912), is in the public domain in the United States.