Strengths of Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel partitions are exactly as they sound: they are largely composed of stainless steel, which provides them with not only a substantial durability, but also an unrivaled visual aesthetic. The hallmark of class and beauty, Stainless Steel toilet partitions are an ideal choice for someone looking to elevate the appearance of their facility.

Advantage #1 – Fire resistant: Fire? What fire?

Besides the impeccable appearance, one of the greatest advantages of the Stainless Steel toilet partition is its capability to resist fire in a safe manner. With a resounding CLASS A rating, anyone owning these partitions can have some peace of mind during a potentially catastrophic fire event. As a CLASS A rated partition, Stainless Steel will not emit any sort of harmful smokes or fumes when under the stress of flames. Given these circumstances, they are practical choices for upscale high-rises, where style and functionality are both equally important.

Advantage #2 – Environmentaly sound: great for everyone!

Stainless Steel can do more than simply appear to be beautiful and resist fire in an absurdly outlandish situation. Anyone purchasing a Stainless Steel partition is being environmentally conscious, whether they realize it or not. With 91% recycled content used for Stainless Steel partitions, they can be the universal solution to projects that require some sensitivity to specific environmental guidelines. Additionally, these partitions can be used to assist in the pursuance of a LEED certification, as their all-natural construction make them a highly ideal choice.

Advantage #3 – All-natural construction: Robust capability.

The reiteration of Stainless Steel being a great partition for those looking to an environmentally sensitive solution to their project problems seems very appropriate here, given that Stainless Steel is created from natural material. It is extremely durable and is actualy capable of resisting a large number of abrasive, industrial-style cleaners without being damaged. The patterning of the partition is intentionally textured in an effort to deter and hide aesthetic damages. As a result, the partition rarely looks worn or old, and will always maintain that air of elegance.