Strengths of Powder Coated Steel

Powder Coated Steel partitions are a great choice for just about anyone. Despite being noticeably cheaper than the higher end Solid Plastic, Solid Phenolic, and Stainless Steel partitions, Powder Coated Steel partitions are a well balanced choice for anyone looking for an economical solution for their projects.

Advantage #1 – Great fire resistance: start a fire – see where it takes you.

Yep! Powder Coated Steel, just like its more expensive counterpart Stainless Steel, is CLASS A fire resistant. If for any reason fire were to erupt near the partitions, toxic fumes would not be emitted, and flames cannot spread. If the elegance of Stainless Steel is a bit out of your price range, the safety and functionality of a Powder Coated Steel stall more than make up for the price difference in fire safety.

Advantage #2 – Added privacy options: for situations where normal isn’t enough.

A rather interesting and unique advantage that Powder Coated Steel partitions have is the customization of the door and panel heights. What does this mean for you? Imagine the typical placement of a toilet stall in a public bathroom, and envision the gap between the bottom of the door, and the floor. Now, imagine having that gap practically removed. With added privacy options allowing for a mere 6″ gap between the floor and the bottom of the door, Powder Coated Steel partitions prove that they have reasonable flexibility given their price that spans beyond the material itself.

Advantage #3 – Recyclable and environmentally friendly: smell that? Smells like LEED.

In another sense, Powder Coated Steel falls right alongside of its Stainless Steel counterpart; in this particular case, it shares the characteristics of a partition that is ideal for those needing to satisfy tight environmental requirements. Utilization of Powder Coated Steel partitions increases the viability of a LEED-certified facility; if you are aiming for LEED certification, this would be an asset that simply could not be passed up.