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Powder Coated Steel bathroom stalls

Average price per stall $299.00

Powder Coated Steel bathroom partitions are economically priced but without any compromises as to their quality. These sturdy kits are available in an array of colors appropriate for any facility. Their lightweight construction means lower shipping costs and a less time-consuming installation, saving you even more money. Easy-to-follow do-it-yourself instructions are also included. PCS has a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

22 Colors Available

To help you match your stalls to the style of your restroom, powder coated steel stalls come in 22 standard colors, take a look at our color chart brochure below.

Quick Ship Colors

Customers with a need for fast service can pick from our quick ship colors.
12 colors qualify for this program and there is no up-charge for this service.

The following colors ship in about 2-3 days plus just a few days for transit time.

504 Linen
535 Light Grey
603 Almond
510 Black
532 Latte
545 Charcoal
585 Sahara
607 Bordeaux
609 Colonial Blue
621 Slate
828 Dovetail
814 Cast Iron

** One day pull and ship is also available for a $250.00 up-charge.

Durable, Private, Safe

Powder coated steel bathroom stalls are CLASS A fireproof with a professional finish that never rusts, fades, or chips. Each piece contains welded corner seams and they promise their sturdy panels won’t warp or buckle. If any part does get damaged, they can be quickly repaired or replaced. Inside, the panels are reinforced with 1-inch honeycomb cells that provide strength as well as sound dampening without a lot of extra mass. The individual restroom partition pieces are mounted with vandal-proof fasteners and the doors come with ADA-approved latches that offer privacy yet can be quickly opened in case of an emergency.

50% Recycled Material, 0% Emissions

Half of the materials in these powder coated steel bathroom stalls are recycled (14% is pre-consumer and 36% post). In addition, the powder coating process they utilize is low energy, has zero emissions, and virtually no waste. Your powder coated steel toilet stalls are available with enhanced anti-graffiti properties that saves on costly upkeep. Four special colors are designed to meet ATSM D6578 for graffiti resistance, a standard usually reserved for more expensive models. Vandalism from permanent marker, lipstick, and even spray paint is easily removed without ghosting or residue. This powder coating can also withstand commercial chemicals, detergents, or acids.

Many Levels of Privacy

All versions of the powder coated steel restroom stalls we offer can opt for their “No Sightline Solution”. This is an upgrade along the entire door frame that prevents any gaps. A continuous stop that has a rubber bumper acts as filler as well as reducing noise and wear. A continuous hinge or hinge side fillers are available and these can even be added to previously installed restroom stalls. The Standard Series toilet stalls are mounted 12” from the floor, with the Elite having a 64” door and 6” of lower clearance. If maximum privacy is essential, the Elite Plus System lengthens the doors to 72” and the panels to 76”. All of them maintain their Hadrian clean, streamlined look.

Other Optional Upgrades

To add more style to your system, our powder coated steel bathroom dividers have the option for a stainless steel hardware package with #4 brushed fittings. If you need even more durability, a masonite-reinforced pegboard core can be inserted, preventing dents and absorbing shocks better than plywood.

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