How Wide is a Bathroom Stall?

Manipulated photograph showing large truck with “wide stalls” banner.

How wide is a bathroom stall? Industry standard bathroom stalls are 36 inches wide. To comply with ADA requirements, stalls must be 60 inches wide. There is more to this question than those two dimensions. Read on for more important details concerning bathroom stall widths.

The widths are from wall-to-wall INSIDE the bathroom stall. And, there is more to ADA compliance than just width. For instance, the centerline of the “water closet” (to use government terminology) must be 18 inches from the side wall. This distance keeps the array of grab bars (another ADA requirement) within easy reach. The grab bars (at least three) must themselves meet sizing and positioning specifications set by the ADA regulations.

Remember that, while it is an excellent idea to educate yourself on matters of ADA compliance, you should work with a professional partition supplier and installer, like Partition Plus. Asking “how wide is a bathroom stall?” is a great place to start. But dealing with a seasoned expert is especially important when you’re purchasing materials for your restroom. Contractors can usually adjust installation details (somewhat quickly) in the field, but ordering extra, duplicate, or replacement material always requires additional time and money.

Check out our piece on ADA requirements to begin to learn about what a compliant bathroom needs. Or call 800-298-9696 to discuss ADA compliance and your new bathroom partitions with an experienced Partition Plus staff member. With more information, we can offer plenty of advice as part of the quoting process, before you even place an order.