How Much Does It Cost to Install Bathroom Partitions?

Image of a hand holding a drill, drilling tile.

How much does it cost to install bathroom partitions? This is a topic that comes up regularly here at Partition Plus. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple enough that we can write a dollar amount in this post.

The answer IS simple enough for us to offer some information about bathroom stall installation pricing.

Need an Exact Figure on Bathroom Partition Installation?

Partition Plus installs bathroom partitions in the mid-Atlantic region. So, if your project site is near us (our offices are in Forest Hill, Maryland) or in the surrounding states, we should be able to both furnish and install partitions for you. Call, email, or use our online tool to get a quote on materials and installation services.

Are Toilet Partitions a DIY Task?

Are you comfortable with hand tools and building materials? You may be able to install your bathroom partitions yourself. In this case, the cost would be nothing, other than your time. Read about the basics of self-installing bathroom stalls.

What Type of Stall and Where Is The Bathroom Partition Job?

Only specially trained technicians can install many of today’s popular high privacy styles. Or, you may live in a town where none of the general contractors feel comfortable with toilet stalls. Perhaps your job is too small or too big for the nearest company. These are just a few of the reasons why pricing can vary. Finding a partition-savvy installer located nearby isn’t always easy. If your project requires special skills and travel time, the price will increase.

The Great News about Installing Partitions

We still can’t state a universal and wholly accurate price range. But, we can say Partition Plus pricing for all bathroom stalls, bathroom partitions, toilet partitions, and related accessories is excellent. Highly competitive pricing on materials makes it easier to invest in labor without breaking the bank.

We’d Love to Discuss Your Bathroom Stall Project!

Considering buying bathroom stalls online and have questions about installation? Please call us! As mentioned at the beginning of the post, we are asked installation questions all the time:

  • how much it could cost
  • if you can do the work yourself
  • how to go about finding an installer
  • if we offer installation services in your area

Once we chat via phone or email, we can offer more specific advice. Our expert team is standing by at 800-298-9696 or