A New Way to Shop: The “Stall Mall”

It almost sounds like something out of a comedy sitcom.

The joke is on you: eCommerce overlord Amazon has actually recently partnered with well-known branding savant Procter & Gamble (more concisely known as P&G) to stick advertisements inside of bathroom stalls. For those unaware, P&G own a number of substantial brands including (but not limited to) Luvs, Pampers, Cascade, and, to be more pertinent to this situation: Charmin.

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Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

“What options do I have for hand drying after I have washed my hands, and which is the best/most sanitary? Which method is the most efficient, and which is the fastest method? Are there certain tools that would make my experience better?”

It almost seems like a rudimentary question, given that it seems like there is not exactly a whole lot that can be done with regard to drying your hands.

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ASTM/NFPA Fire Standards: For Toilet Partitions

Toilet partitions will always serve a primary functional purpose in public locations, given that it is a requirement in international building code to have them exist. Some owners spend a reasonable amount of time selecting a toilet partition that best fits the color and/or design scheme of their bathrooms. More meticulous consumers, contractors, and even architects take the time to examine their toilet partitions for benefits that are not immediately visible to the naked eye, like the recyclability or environmental benefits (a common objective for those pursuing that gratifying LEED certification). Even further than that, project specifications may require a material to carry a certain resistance to fire in attempts to preemptively prevent disastrous outcomes.

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