Let’s Learn Locker Lingo

Line drawing of locker fronts set against multicolored background.

Whether it was 30 years ago in school, or earlier this week at the gym, almost everyone has used a commercial locker. You know the basic parts: the combination lock, the lift-to-open lever, the swinging door, and the hooks inside. But that is where your knowledge ends. And that is more than sufficient… for most locker users.

However, if you’re shopping for storage lockers for your organization or business (which may very well be the case, if you are reading this), knowing a bit more than the basics will be helpful. Lockers for students, athletes, employees, or business patrons share similar parts and designs. Keep reading for an explanation of those locker details, from the locker experts at Partition Plus.

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Don’t Let Locker Assembly Knock You Down

Partition Plus sells a variety of lockers. You have your choice of size, design, material, and other options. One of the options (for metal lockers) is to purchase them “knocked down”, rather than assembled. KD lockers, as they are sometimes known, arrive as kits that must be bolted together during installation. Read on for more about KD lockers.

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The Right Tools for the Job

Composite image of a painting of construction tools.

Partition Plus not only furnishes bathroom stalls (and many other necessary restroom products), but we also install these items if desired. Many of our online customers, especially those purchasing smaller bathroom partition configurations (just one or two stalls), opt to install their partitions themselves.

This is perfectly reasonable, given a few basic conditions. 1) DIY installers should have some familiarity with building materials. 2) An assistant should be available to help with larger components before and during installation. 3) Plenty of time should be left for the project. 4) Proper tools must be gathered before beginning work. Installation requires more than household hand tools.

Make sure you have the necessary tools on hand so your finished bathroom stalls look like a masterpiece. Read on for a list of essentials!

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Stacking Solid Plastic for Privacy

Photograph of a stack of pancakes with toppings.

Previously on the blog, we discussed how Partition Plus can offer quick-shipping bathroom stalls in custom sizes. Beyond accommodating unique dimensions, we supply specialized bathroom partitions. For example, we can tailor high privacy (extended height) toilet partitions for your space. Once again, we take standardized materials and apply careful planning and a dash of ingenuity to meet our customers’ design goals.

In the case of extended height, solid plastic bathroom stalls, we work with a particular manufacturer that uses a special assembly process involving “stacked panels” to achieve the desired effect. All the best things are stacked: pancakes, money, sandwiches, and solid plastic bathroom stall panels from Partition Plus!

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Custom Toilet Partitions

Photograph of needle, thread, and measuring tape used by tailor.

If you read through this site, you’ll notice that when we explain our partition products we frequently mention how we can deliver bathroom stalls tailored to fit any restroom space – or some version of that statement. You may be wondering how we can make such a bold claim with complete confidence. We thought it was high time to elaborate. Continue reading for the details.

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Partition Components 101

Diagram of gray freestanding toilet partition with different components labelled.

If you’ve spoken with our friendly, knowledgeable sales representatives, you’ve likely heard them refer to pilasters, brackets, panels, headrail, doors, and other bathroom stall components. When we are speaking with a customer, or corresponding via email or chat, we take the time to carefully explain how these pieces come together to build a bathroom partition.

For customers shopping online, we don’t always have this chance. With this in mind, we’ve assembled this post as a guide. Today we are covering major parts, but expect more posts of this sort in the future. There is more to learn about different materials, mounting styles, privacy options, and special customizations. For now, read on: Partition Components 101 is in session.

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Ordering Off the “Secret” Menu

Logo against black background for fictional In-N-Out Partitions company.

Did you know Partition Plus offers hundreds of bathroom accessories and Division 10 products not shown on our website? It’s true! Call or email us about any item our manufacturers produce and we will happily discuss it, quote it, and sell it.

We aren’t playing coy with a “secret menu” like In-N-Out Burger. In fact, our goal is to make your shopping experience as transparent as possible. Buying bathroom partitions, Division 10 and washroom accessories should be informative, uncomplicated, and quick… especially online.

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Spring Cleaning Bathroom Partitions

A close up photo of a metal spring against grass.

Spring is in the air. And that means cleaning! Make sure your organization’s bathroom partitions and accessories don’t get overlooked during this season of sanitation.

The importance of regularly and thoroughly cleaning public restrooms is obvious. Well maintained “facilities” are healthier and more comfortable. Any and all bathroom users greatly benefit.

What isn’t obvious is that a well-executed cleaning regimen can extend the useful life of bathroom accessories and partitions. Continue reading for some tips.

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Defining Hawa Hardware

Photograph of computer screen with fictional definition of word Hawa.

We’ve stayed busy adding products to our Hawa Sliding Door Hardware section and Hawa content to the blog. In last week’s update, we discussed buying the proper Hawa hardware given the weight of your door. The main takeaway: don’t buy a higher capacity system than you need. If a Junior 40 will work, purchase that, not a Junior 80.

After writing that post, we realized not everyone is familiar with Hawa’s product naming scheme. Understanding Hawa names, numbers, and abbreviations makes shopping much easier. Also, understanding this “Hawa-ese” makes life easier if you call or email us with questions …which we always encourage!. To get started, let’s break down the name of a popular product: the Hawa Junior 40/Z.

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The “Goldilocks Principle” and Hawa Sliding Door Hardware

Printed image of Goldilocks running from the three bears.

For the best experience with Hawa sliding door hardware, avoid purchasing hardware systems designed for door panels that are heavier or larger than yours.

What does this have to do with Goldilocks? That requires some explanation. When purchasing either consumer or commercial hardware, shoppers are accustomed to seeing both “heavy duty” and “standard” versions of products offered side by side. Typically, the “professional” or “heavy duty” variation is slightly more expensive and has better specifications. Given the choice, most people will select the overbuilt product, rather than the traditional alternative. Usually, upgrading isn’t a bad choice, but you may want to second guess this approach when shopping for Hawa sliding door hardware.

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