A New Way to Shop: The “Stall Mall”

It almost sounds like something out of a comedy sitcom.

The joke is on you: eCommerce overlord Amazon has actually recently partnered with well-known branding savant Procter & Gamble (more concisely known as P&G) to stick advertisements inside of bathroom stalls. For those unaware, P&G own a number of substantial brands including (but not limited to) Luvs, Pampers, Cascade, and, to be more pertinent to this situation: Charmin.

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Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

“What options do I have for hand drying after I have washed my hands, and which is the best/most sanitary? Which method is the most efficient, and which is the fastest method? Are there certain tools that would make my experience better?”

It almost seems like a rudimentary question, given that it seems like there is not exactly a whole lot that can be done with regard to drying your hands.

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