How Do I Measure for Toilet Partitions?

How to measure for toilet partitions is easy, measure the length of the room and multiply that by the width, the total is the area, if you have stalls, just write down each piece and measure it’s length and width, write down the bathroom stall dimensions.

Measuring can seem like a daunting task, however, it doesn’t need to be. It’s really a 15 minute to 30 minute task, depending on any people who might either be in the restroom or who might need to use the restroom while you are measuring. If you’re not familiar with terms like pilasters and panels you may want to check out our helpful partition piece guide. Hopefully this guide will help reduce the stress involved in this task and also provide further insights to help make your measuring that much more accurate.

Let’s Begin:

Step 1
Start by keeping the doors open as not to startle anyone who might need to use the restroom at that time. You can also take this time to draw a crude sketch of the bathroom stalls, so you can write the measurements down on top of this, to get a better feel of the overall bathroom stall dimensions.

Step 2
Now you’ll want to start measuring from the furthest point from the door, so we’ll start with the back wall. Measure the width of the backwall, even if it has a partition wall in between, you want to ignore that partition and measure the whole backwall.

Step 3
Now you’ll want to measure that partition wall you ignored when measuring the backwall, you want the length and the height of that partition. Now make sure to actually measure the length of the partition wall including where the door closes.

Step 4
Next you can measure the pieces that the partitions attach too, these are called the pilasters, they’re normally much skinnier than the partition walls while being taller, since they touch the floor and attach to what’s called the pilaster shoe. You want to measure the pilaster’s width and height.

Step 5
Next you can measure the doors of the toilet partitions, both the height and the width.

Step 6
Then if you have any urinal screens / partitions, go ahead and measure these both width and height.

Step 7
As a finishing touch, taking a few pictures of the whole bathroom, to include the bathroom stalls is the last step, this will help us assist you better in any questions we might have about the overall layout.