Strengths of Resistall Plastic

Proof that it is not a requirement to spend a fortune, Resistall Plastic is a cost-effective material that can be the great addition that a facility needs.

Advantage #1 – Waterproof: for those difficult to maintain high moisture areas.

That’s right! It is not an absolute necessity to break the bank for impermeable toilet partitions. While Resistall Plastic is not a solid piece all the way through unlike the more expensive Solid Plastic counterpart, it still provides a great design that prevents water from being absorbed. Because of this, owners can very easily maintain their bathroom partitions through otherwise aggressive means, like hose-down and even steam-cleaning. Best of all – since Resistall Plastic restroom partitions cannot absorb or retain water in any shape or form, owners will not have to worry about the normally imminent issue of mold build-up. This transitions us into the next good thing:

Advantage #2 – Low-maintenance: less time to spend fixing, less money to spend keeping in good shape.

It goes without saying that Resistall Plastic requires substantially less maintenance than most other toilet partitions. For most other partitions, the process of cleaning needs to be done with some caution and care. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material base, as previously mentioned, cannot retain water. As a result, owners can resort to incredibly harsh means of cleaning, including the use of abrasive chemicals for when cleaning tasks seem insurmountably difficult. Resistall Plastic partitions also carry a rather strong resistance to vandalism than that of a typical metal or laminate partition.

Advantage #3 – Fantastic for the environment: the responsible AND price-effective solution.

This partition even delivers outside of the scope of its usability. If the previous perks are not enough to entice prospective owners, perhaps the mention of the recyclability will seal the deal. If your facility is seeking LEED compliance, Resistall plastic toilet partitions can assist with that as well. The material itself is not only 100% recyclable, but also has the capability of being available in 100% post-consumer material. It is always made from recycled materials as well, and it is never painted, meaning the process does not produce any sort of emissions to reduce air quality.