Strengths of High Pressure Laminate

An effective choice for those looking for a not-so-normal appearance, High Pressure Laminate bathroom partitions give anyone the opportunity to combine a reasonably high quality partition material with a realistic and practical price point.

Advantage #1 – Substantial customization: for those who simply need something different.

The level of toilet partitions with regards to costs, high pressure laminate partitions do not sacrifice in the level of customization. In addition to an already large library of stocked and quick-shipped colors, high pressure laminate stalls have the option of using popular Formica and Wilsonart colors. This amounts to a large amount of freedom and conversely, an almost nonexistent amount of hassle.

Advantage #2 – Heavy duty: ready for the elements.

Versatility in style is far from the only advantage that High Pressure Laminate has for it; the resilience of the resin-infused practical board panels and doors have been tested and proven to be stronger and more scratch-resistant than your typical steel partition. Furthermore, they carry an ability to resist impact, even more so than renowned metal partitions. As if that wasn’t enough, high pressure laminate partitions also have an amazing resistance to graffiti.

Advantage #3 – Fire resistant: unstoppable.

It truly is surprising that this partition carries such a low price tag given that it is resilient, durable, and customizable. Miraculously, the perks still do not stop. In addition to having the capability of being a strong, well-rounded partition that is largely applicable in many situations, high pressure laminate partitions carry a fire-resistance capability as well. These partitions carry a fireproof rating of CLASS B by ASTM E84 standards.