Toilet Partitions by the Numbers: Height

Panel height, door height, and height above finished floor.

“Door/Panel Height” and “Height Above Finished Floor” describe, in concrete terms, the level of privacy a toilet partition system provides. Generally speaking, a bathroom stall’s door and side panels will be the same height and have the same elevation above the finished floor. In certain privacy-oriented partition systems, panels can span the entire distance from the ceiling to the floor with no gaps. Standard stall panels, on the other hand, can be as short as 55″ tall, positioned 14″ above the finished floor. In the accompanying image, A is the panel height. B is the distance above the finished floor.

Given such a wide range of heights, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with these measurements for any variety of bathroom partitions you are considering. We also recommend that you take note of door height, panel height, and height off the finished floor for your current toilet partitions (if you’ll be purchasing replacement stalls). For new entirely new partitions, it is wise to visualize these distances using a ruler or measuring tape while in your bathroom space. Make sure you are comfortable with the level of privacy your partitions will provide before making your purchase.

Carefully review the shop drawings provided with your quote to confirm your stalls’ dimensions will best suit your needs. If you have any questions about door height, panel height, or height above the finished floor, please call or email the Partition Plus salesperson who provided your quote and drawings. For any other questions, feel free to email or call 800-298-9696.

The list below provides information about height for some of our most popular toilet partition products:

  • Hadrian’s Standard Series features 58″ high doors and panels, mounted 12″ off the finished floor.
  • Elite Series from Hadrian offers 64″ high doors and panels, mounted 6″ or 9″ off the finished floor.
  • Doors and panels of Elite Plus stalls, from Hadrian, are 72″ high, mounted either 6″ or 9″ off the finished floor.
  • Solid plastic (HDPE) Hiny Hiders, from Scranton Products, use 55″ tall panels, and doors positioned 14″ above the finished floor.
  • Eclipse partitions, from Scranton Products, are offered in three different heights: 55″ tall panels and doors, sitting 14″ above the finished floor; 62″ tall panels and doors, sitting 9″ above the finished floor; and 71-1/2″ tell panels and doors, sitting 4″ above the finished floor.
  • Scranton Products’ Aria stalls are virtually gap-free. A transom panel fills the open space above the door, between the pilasters. Standard Aria doors are mounted just 1″ above the finished floor. ADA stalls feature a taller “above finished floor” height.
  • Bobrick partition panels and doors sit between 4-5/16″ to 12″ above the finished floor.