Hawa Concepta Pivot/Slide-In Hardware for Wood Doors

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Hawa Concepta hardware systems allow single-panel doors or two-panel bi-folding doors to pivot and slide into a pocket. The Concepta and Folding Concepta hardware sets can be used in combination for highly flexible doors in closets, laundry areas, office, kitchens, and other spaces. To find the Hawa Concepta hardware system that’s right for your project, consider:

Panel Weight/Size: Concepta systems accommodating 25kg (55 lbs), 30kg (66 lbs), 40kg (88 lbs), and 50kg (110 lbs) maximum door panel weights are offered. Concepta hardware supports door panel widths up to 900mm (2′ 11 7/16”). Narrower door panels can be used. Choose the system that best suits your door panel weight and dimensions.

Method of Operation: Concepta enables a single panel to pivot open, then slide away into a perpendicularly-positioned recess (pocket). Folding Concepta hardware allows bi-folding sliding doors (two folding panels) to fold up, then slide away into a perpendicularly-positioned recess (pocket).

Special Components: Enhance Hawa Concepta sliding door hardware systems using strengthening profiles, bottom profiles, and connecting brackets – sold as optional accessories. Email us for help finding parts to customize your Concepta system.

Download the Hawa Concepta Hardware (PDF) brochure for more information.

Specific systems include:

  • Hawa Concepta 25
  • Hawa Concepta 30
  • Hawa Concepta 40
  • Hawa Concepta 50
  • Hawa Folding Concepta 25

Additional information

System Names

Hawa Concepta 25, Hawa Concepta 30, Hawa Concepta 40, Hawa Concepta 50, Hawa Folding Concepta 25

Weight Capacities

25kg (55 lbs), 30kg (66 lbs), 40kg (88 lbs), 50kg (110 lbs)