High-Pressure Laminate – Privacy Options

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Partition Plus serves many different customers, so we can vouch that various establishments require different levels of privacy in their bathroom stalls. Above and beyond requirements, some business owners or bathroom designers prefer higher privacy. Regardless, we aim to give you a wide range of privacy options for high-pressure laminate.

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High pressure laminate toilet stalls are available in standard and high privacy configurations.

Privacy Comes in Many Forms with High-Pressure Laminate

Choose between standard privacy and high-privacy options when purchasing high-pressure laminate toilet partitions. Balancing budget and preference is no issue when purchasing high-pressure laminate bathroom stalls.
Standard privacy stalls are perfectly acceptable for protection from accidental viewing. However, no sight line solutions completely obscure the occupant from view. For this, we use full-length channels at all connections, full-length hinges, and full-length keepers (keepers stop the door from swinging outward when users shut it). Partition Plus offers no sight line solutions for all material types, not just high-pressure laminate.

Excellent Privacy Options in High Pressure Laminate Toilet Partitions

We work with Bobrick, and other manufacturers, who offer high-design, high-privacy partition system. These nicely designed components are combined with high-privacy hardware to provide nearly total privacy. Inquire about specialized high-privacy high-pressure laminate solutions by calling sales@partitionplus.com or calling 800-298-9696.

Remember that all of these options are customizable, so matching the look and feel of your bathroom space will not be a problem. Increasing privacy doesn’t mean you must sacrifice style. Individual style and fine-tuned privacy make the toilet partitions uniquely yours!