High Pressure Laminate – Cleaning and Maintenance


Proper maintenance is key to keeping your restroom looking new for years into the future. High pressure laminate cleaning and maintenance is easy. All you need to do is make sure it is done regularly and correctly! Here are some tips to keep your bathroom in the best possible shape.

High Pressure Laminate Maintenance

Everyone appreciates a clean and neat looking bathroom. Keeping a high pressure laminate toilet partition in pristine condition can be done easily. The key is regular care. It is important to always make sure to use the proper cleaning materials. This will ensure that no chemical reaction occurs that could dull or change the surface. It is also essential to keep up with removing dirt and stains promptly. By doing so and maintaining regular upkeep, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom stalls looking as good as new months and years after your original purchase!

Cleaning Your Bathroom Partitions

The method used to clean your bathroom stall differ on the type of soil found on a surface. Here are two of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to cleaning this material.


No, it will start to peel and swell, since it contains wood, it’s not recommended for high moisture and humidity areas. We have a number of other options and materials that would do better in these kinds of environments.


We do not recommend power washing for high pressure laminate cleaning. As mentioned above, they are not designed for prolonged contact with water. Power washing is forceful and this kind of contact with water can cause permanent damage.


The way you clean your restroom should always be based on the kind of soiling you are dealing with.

  1.  For light soiling like fingerprints, smudges, or other sediment on the restroom partitions’s surface, a mild cleaning solution can be applied to effectively remove it. A cloth or sponge is recommended for smooth surfaces. For textured surfaces, you can use a soft brush to get into any cracks or crevices. Always rinse and dry the surface thoroughly after cleaning.
  2. For tougher soiling like grease, oil, crayon, or makeup you can use a mild degreaser or general purpose cleaner. Like with light soiling, use a cloth, spunge, or brush depending o the surface. Apply the cleaner and rinse and dry thoroughly once the stain has been removed.
  3. For soiling that is extremely difficult to remove, use of a stronger cleaning agent is recommended. This might include stains caused by  water marking or scaling. Bathroom cleaners with that contain acetic acid are the best choice for removal of these kinds of stains. As with the stains mentioned above, use a cloth, sponge, or soft-bristled brush with the cleaning solution on it, and make sure to rinse and dry completely.

Unfortunately, bathrooms are often a prime target for graffiti vandalism. To clean a high pressure laminate stall surface of graffiti, regular bathroom cleaners and solutions won’t likely completely remove it. Luckily, there is specialized graffiti remover made specifically for these kinds of situations. Simply apply to the affected surface by spraying or wiping the remover on with a cloth or sponge. Rinse and dry completely.

We’ve also create a blog post, specifically written to assist you in cleaning your restroom stalls the correct way so that no damage will be done to them through the cleaning process. View the section “High Pressure Laminate Toilet Partition Cleaning Instructions.”

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