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SCRC Reinforced Composite Restroom Stalls

Average price per stall $865.00

Solid Color Reinforced Composite is a dyed fibrous material that is reinforced with polycarbonate and phenolic resins coated with a non-ghosting, graffiti-resistant surface thermoset and integrally fused into a homogeneous piece.

SierraSeries bathroom partitions are only come in 4 colors:

- Golden Khaki
- Desert Beige
- Terra Cotta
- Forest Green

All SierraSeries restroom partitions have a relatively quick lead time of 10 days.

Resistant to Moisture, Impacts, Scratches and Dents

In terms of impact force SCRC ( Solid Color Reinforced Composite ) was able to handle 34 inch-lbs of impact force before denting, whereas standard untreated HDPE was only able to handle 5 inch-lbs impact force before denting. As for scratch resistance SCRC was able to withstand a 10kg load before damage occurred while standard untreated HDPE withstood a 5 kg load before damage occurred.

Class B ASTM E 84 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Classification

The surface burning characteristics of SCRC handled the flame spread and smoke development as follows: For 3/4" thick stiles and doors the flame spread index was 45, for the smoke developed index is was 95. For 1/2" thick panels the flame spread index was 45 and the smoke developed index was 120. The ICC & NFPA class B flame spread index: 26 - 75, and smoke developed index: 0 - 450 as per ASTM E 84-01.

Graffiti Removal Without Ghosting

For graffiti tests against untreated HPDE, SCRC was able to have 9 out of 9 graffiti marks removed, whereas standard untreated HDPE was only able to remove 3 out of 9 marks. Using a 10 fl oz bottle of graffiti remover ( 891099 ).

LEED Certification Helpful

The SierraSeries toilet stalls help add to the LEED certification program credits in new construction & existing buildings. They get 5.1 / 5.2 credits for local regional materials in the " Materials & Resources " category, since Bobrick's manufacturing plants are located on the eastcoast, westcoast and Tennessee, allowing projects in many parts of the country to earn credits. As well get 4.4 credits for low emitting materials in the " Indoor Environmental Quality " category, since it doesn't contain urea-formaldehyde.

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