SCRC Reinforced Composite – Cleaning and Maintenance

SCRC Reinforced Composite cleaning and maintenance is easy when it is done right! Here is everything you need to know about keeping your bathroom stalls in ideal shape.

This bathroom stall also includes a 25 year warranty that guarantees our product. So, in addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, you can rest assured that you are making a solid investment.

SCRC Reinforced Composite is Easy to Repair

Here are some tips on common light damage and how to repair it.

Light surface scratch / scuff repair.

Needed Items:

  • Paper Towels
  • Sealant (e.g., Bobrick Graffiti Remover or silicone sealant)

Begin by cleaning off whitened edges of scratch by firmly scraping dry paper towel along the scratch.

  1. Moisten paper towel with Bobrick Graffiti Remover (Model #891099) or silicone sealant. Liberally apply sealant to scratched area.
  2. Allow sealant to set in scratch for one – two minutes.
  3. Lightly wipe off excess sealant with dry paper towel.

Light to Moderate scratch repair. 
Needed Items:

  • Matching Color Crayon
  • Paper Towels
  • Acetone (or Bobrick Graffiti Remover)
  1. Moisten dry paper towel with Bobrick Graffiti Remover (Model #891099).
  2. Clean off whitened edges of scratch by wiping moistened paper towel along (i.e. parallel to) scratch.
  3. Dry surface of material off with clean paper towel.
  4. Select appropriate crayon: SCRC Color Matching Color Crayon
    1. Golden Khaki Crayola™ Crayon – Gold
    2. Desert Beige Crayola™ Crayon – Tumbleweed
    3. Terra Cotta Crayola™ Crayon – Desert Sand
    4. Forest Green Crayola™ Crayon – Shadow
  5. Rub crayon across (i.e., perpendicular to) grain of scratch to completely fill in scratch.
  6. Moisten paper towel with Bobrick Graffiti Remover (or acetone).
  7. Clean off excess crayon around scratch by rubbing moistened paper towel lightly across grain of scratch.

Finishing Technique A
1. Clean sanded surface with Bobrick Graffiti Remover (#891099).
2. Seal sanded surface by applying two coats of silicone sealant.
3. Allow sealant to dry for 24 hours.

Finishing Technique B
1. Smooth out rough sanding marks with medium grit sandpaper (180-grit).
2. Blend whitened appearance of sanded area by wet-sanding with 2000-grit sandpaper.

SCRC Reinforced Composite Cleaning

These bathroom stalls can easily be power washed to remove dirt and stains. You can also remove any formed dirt using a soft cloth. Always make sure that restroom partitions in shower or hose-down areas are in well ventilated areas to allow for extra humidity to dry.

For stalls damaged by graffiti, specialized graffiti removers can safely be used on anti-graffiti ( SCRC ) coatings. Applying self-cleaning wax routinely will make the graffiti cleaning easier. These products are gentle and normally don’t need stripping.

NOTE: Don’t clean with harsh cleaners that have abrasives, acids, or alkalis, they’ll etch, discolor or damage the surface.


To properly remove damage caused by graffiti, use a high quality concentrated D-limonene based solvent ( such as Bobrick Graffiti Remover ) applied with a soft cloth. This works to remove markings from:

  • Permanent Marker
  • Acrylic
  • Enamel Spray Paints
  • Markers ( containing Xylene )
  • Metallic Markers
  • Laundry Pens
  • Paint Pens
  • For tough stains apply cleaner using nylon scrub pad.

A word of caution: Many solvents are very flammable, so make sure to keep away from sparks and open flames.


SCRC is resistant to scratches, however sharp objects can still cause damage. If this happens, you can sand the area or fill the scratch with a matching color crayon.


Burn marks and more severe gouges may seem like they can’t be fixed, but they can be! Simply use an electric sander with a coarse 80-grit sandpaper on the affected area. Re-sand the area using a medium 180-grit sandpaper. Then to blend the color into the surrounding area, wet-sand the area using a fine 2000-grit wet/dry sandpaper to complete the process

We’ve also create a blog post, specifically written to assist you in cleaning your toilet stalls the correct way so that no damage will be done to them through the cleaning process. View the section ” Sierra Series Restroom Partition Cleaning Instructions”.

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